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NPE 2018 attendance rose by 1.7% over that of NPE 2015 to 56,034 confirmed registered attendees.
NPE 2018 attendance rose by 1.7% over that of NPE 2015 to 56,034 confirmed registered attendees.

More than 2,100 companies from 121 countries gathered at NPE 2018: The Plastics Show in Orlando, Fla. last month to make new investments, debut manufacturing technologies and move the entire global plastics industry forward.

NPE 2018, hosted every three years by the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), concluded on May 11, wrapping up five very active days of commerce on the trade show floor and numerous new and returning educational programs that offered a glimpse into the future of plastics.

“It’s hard to describe the elation on the trade show floor,” said NPE 2018 Chairman Glenn Anderson, senior vice president at plastics machinery manufacturer Milacron LLC. “We’ve heard plenty of testimonials from our exhibitors about how productive this year’s show was, with many outpacing their lead acquisition estimates by the first day.”

With 2,174 exhibiting companies occupying more than 1.2 million net square feet of sold-out exhibit floor space, NPE 2018 was the largest in show history. It was also the heaviest show on record, with more than 21.7 million pounds of freight brought into the show.

NPE 2018 attendance rose by 1.7% over that of NPE 2015 to 56,034 confirmed registered attendees according to show data that were evaluated and validated by a third-party data analytics company.

Truly a global show, 49% of exhibiting companies and 27% of registrants came from outside of the United States representing 121 countries with 3,351 and 3,965 registrants from China and Latin America, respectively.

“We sold out our exhibit floor nearly 14 months in advance of the show and worked diligently to accommodate the companies who were unable to secure space during our Space Draw,” said show producer, PLASTICS President and CEO William R. Carteaux. “We heard terrific feedback of a fantastic show filled with innovations and new technology to help people make things better and faster.”

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