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SmartPower 400.
SmartPower 400.
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Injection molding machine manufacturer WITTMANN BATTENFELD has recently extended its servo-hydraulic machine SmartPower by rolling out an additional clamping force size up to 400 t.

The official sales release of the new model will take place at the 10th anniversary celebration of the company in mid-June.

The SmartPower introduced for the first time at the Fakuma in 2014 was originally offered in clamping force sizes ranging from 250 to 1200 kN. One year later, the range was already extended to 3500 kN.

As a compact servo-hydraulic machine in PowerSeries design, the SmartPower stands out by its small footprint, making for optimal utilization of the available production floor space. At the same time, the machine offers a generous layout in terms of mold fixing dimensions. 

Highly dynamic SmartPower servo motor.

One feature of this machine appreciated by users is its easily pivotable injection unit up to size 3400. It facilitates access to the nozzle and screw and consequently screws servicing considerably.

Above all, the machine is extremely energy efficient, since it comes with a highly dynamic servo-hydraulic drive with a low noise level as standard. Its drive technology also allows the use of KERS, the kinetic energy recovery system originally developed for the EcoPower, by which the all of the deceleration energy can be used entirely within the machine.

Preparation of line assembly for machines of the SmartPower and EcoPower series.

The SmartPower’s clamping system is equipped with a central cylinder piston. Two symmetrically positioned traveling cylinders ensure force transmission and fast movements which are gentle to the mold.

In this machine series, the injection process is controlled by the highly dynamic servo drive. From fall 2017, the SmartPower is delivered with the new UNILOG B8 control system, which runs under Windows 10 IoT and offers even more user friendliness and functionality.

In addition, the extension also includes the multi-component machines of the SmartPower series, which means that the SmartPower COMBIMOULD will be available with clamping forces ranging from 600 to 4000 kN from June onwards.

In the SmartPower COMBIMOULD, each injection unit is equipped with its own servo-hydraulic drive. The resulting major advantages for users are ultimate energy efficiency and independent, parallel operation of all injection aggregates. In this way, the shortest possible cycle times can be achieved, together with low energy consumption.

The large distances between tie-bars in the servo-hydraulic SmartPower allow for the installation of larger rotary units and larger molds. With this attribute, the machine series is ideally suited for multi-component operation. The aggregates are available in V, S or L configuration as standard. Special arrangements, such as H-H configuration, are also possible.

With the completion of the assembly hall extension for the 10th anniversary celebration, the larger EcoPower machines up to 300 t and the SmartPower up to 400 t will also be produced in processing line manufacturing. This will reduce lead times and make it possible to shorten delivery times.

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