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The symbolic cutting of the ribbon performed on stage on 16 May, 2018.
The symbolic cutting of the ribbon performed on stage on 16 May, 2018.
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BOBST officially opened the new state-of-the-art production facility and Competence Center of Bobst (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. They are dedicated to web-fed printing and converting technologies for flexible materials, and are located in the Wujin District of Changzhou city, in the Jiangsu province of China.

The grand opening was held on 16 May and was followed by two days of Open House.

The chosen theme “BOBST China 4.0 – Beyond your packaging future” outlined BOBST’s commitment to supporting the requirements of local industry. It is the kind of approach that has led to the success of the RS 3.0 and RS 5002 gravure printing presses in China and Asia. It is also contributing to the CL and SL 750D range of compact laminators making strides in the industry.

Begun in January 2017 as a greenfield project, the 9,630sqm built premises of Bobst (Changzhou) Co., Ltd, comprise an administrative building, a main production hall, a Competence Center complex and a separate warehouse for storage of hazardous products; all set in a 20,000sqm area. A vast green area of the same size has also been reserved for future expansion.

“We foresee an annual production of over 100 machines/year, across gravure printing presses, compact laminators and mid-web inline flexo presses” pointed out Camillo Carrà, General Manager of Bobst Changzhou. “And we are looking ahead to increase capacity and add production of other BOBST web-fed technologies in due course.”

“We recorded a total of 360 industry visitors over the two days of the Open House. A strong presence of customers from China and from countries in Southeast Asia and India, the high level of interest and the number of machines sold at the event, speak loudly about the reputation achieved by BOBST in the flexible packaging market in China,” said Camillo Carrà.

Seals success with the sale of five machines
Signing of the agreement for the sale of a 9-color RS 3.0 gravure printing press to Guangzhou Hongsheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.
Five contracts for the sale of RS 3.0 gravure printing presses were signed during the Open House. “We are already dismantling the RS 3.0 on demonstration at the Open House, which will shortly be shipped to its new owner, Dongguan Ever-Glory Plastics Package Limited,” said Lubin Lu, Zone Business Director Greater China, BOBST Business Unit Web-fed.

The Open House machine is one of two RS 3.0s, with 8 and 10 colors respectively, bought by the company to increase the printing capacity of their flexible packaging production plant located in in QingXi, in the Guangdong province of South China.

The agreement for the sale of a 9-color RS 3.0 press to Guangzhou Hongsheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was formally signed on stage in front of the Open House convened audience.

The sale of a 10-color RS 3.0 to Anhui Zijin New Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and of an 11-color RS 3.0 to Shanghai Yinyi Package Printing Co., Ltd. give us great satisfaction because they are both repeat orders from satisfied customers. Most of all owing to quality of the register control which keeps waste to a minimum and ensures the superior quality of the printed packaging,” commented Lubin Lu.

We are also drawing to a close negotiations for the sales of CL 750D laminators and are pretty confident on their outcome. Demonstrating a compact machine coating solvent-based adhesive directly on to an aluminium-foil substrate as thin as 7 micron at high speed and producing a laminate that, at close inspection after the demo, was a flawless, homogeneous and smooth composite structure without defects, cannot fail to impress!” he concluded.

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