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Medtec China 2018 unveils concurrent conferences
Issue date:25/06/2018
CPRJ Editorial Team
FDA Assistant Country Director of China William M. Sutton was presenting at a meeting.
FDA Assistant Country Director of China William M. Sutton was presenting at a meeting.
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Medtec China 2018 is going to be held from 26 to 28 September in Shanghai. Simultaneously, “MDiT Forum and Regulation Summit 2018”, one of the most attractive conferences to exhibitors and visitors, will be co-hosted at the venue.

“Regulation, Quality and Technology” are three foci of the conference theme as usual, and the entire content is planned based on the needs of visitors who are responsible for QA/QC, regulation, quality control, regulatory compliance, R&D, design and program.

This year, the leading sales conference “Chinese Regulatory Updates and Compliance” will again be held. “MDSAP updates and FDA Inspection” attracted much attention last year. This time around, it will dig more deeply and share more practical case studies.

To lead the trend of medical technology, two conferences have been newly launched: “Perspective of end user Design & New Technology A” and “Next-Gen Design & New Technology B”. Furthermore, other innovative and interesting onsite free conference and activities will also be worth attending.

Shanghai Pudong Medical Device Trade Association (MDTA) has been Medtec China’ exclusive supporter for many years. In order to fulfill the huge need of regulatory consultant services including for the international and domestic markets, Medtec China decided to open a new exhibit zone called “Medical regulatory street,” while a “Regulatory Lecture” will be held accordingly, which has been highly acknowledged and supported by the chief of MDTA, who is also going to be one of the keynote speakers at the conference “Chinese Regulatory Updates and Compliance”.

This year, the event “Chinese Regulatory Updates and Compliance” will talk about the development prospects of the Chinese medical device industry, and analyze the top three regulations and policies which are medical device review and approval system, medical device registrant system, and clinical trial quality management of medical devices.

For the quality track, William M. Sutton (FDA Assistant Country Director of China) has been invited to continue to introduce issues related to MDSAP as this topic was of high interest to many attendees last year. Besides, FDA inspections and CFDI overseas inspection are going to be shared onsite.

As one of the global MedTechWorld series exhibitions, Medtec China takes advantage of global sources from the U.S., Europe and Japan to introduce cutting-edge technologies and design conceptions to Chinese engineers. Two technology conferences will also be held at Medtec China 2018, namely “Perspective of End User Design & New Technology” and “Next-Gen Design & New Technology”.

Meanwhile, more high quality free conferences and activities such as Market Report Track of Medical Device Industry, new technology theatre, and quality focus will also provide attendees with rich and valuable information.

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