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injection mold 
To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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injection mold 
To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
More suppliers
Yizumi used the automotive lighting field as a breakthrough point in the deep cultivation of the regional market.
Yizumi used the automotive lighting field as a breakthrough point in the deep cultivation of the regional market.

Jiangsu province is the region with the large production volume for automotive parts in China.With an industrial development of nearly 30 years, it has formed an industrial cluster comprising of Wuxi, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Yancheng, etc. Taking Menghe town in Changzhou, Danbei and Jiepai towns in Danyang as the representative regions, these areas are the congregation of thousands of auto parts enterprises. Besides having a comprehensive array of auto parts, the industrial supply chain is also perfectly interconnected. The car production value in these areas has even breached the 100-billion-yuan mark. Furthermore,automotive enterprises like BAIC Group, Dongfeng, Zotye Auto, BAIC BJEV, etc.are all located in these areas.

With the trend of industrial constantly becoming high-end and cluster in the value chain of the automotive industry in Changzhou and Danyang, Yizumi also has been continuously working hard in the local auto parts industry, engaging in in-depth research into the problems facing the customers in areas like car decorative parts, automotive lighting, etc. and joining the world-class supply chains for the main car factories so as to provide solutions for the upgrading and renewal of auto parts.

Automotive lightingthe closed-loop variable displacement pump control system releases solutions for a wide variety of needs and requirements

The automotive lighting is one of the automobile electrical equipment, and there is a huge industrial group in Changzhou area, which covers hundreds of automotive lighting companies including the top 2 companies in its industry—Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems Co.,LTD and TYC Damao automotive lighting company. Yizumi used the automotive lighting field as a breakthrough point in the deep cultivation of the regional market, studied the application requirements of the industry, optimized the plasticizing components, oil circuit system, successfully solved the problems of product black spot, water ripple, bubble and false water wire, etc.It can meet the needs of high value-added plastic molding of PC/PMMA transparent mask, light guide strip and 3.3cm lens. And in the field of optical molding it has been formed a good reputation. The customers of Yizumi covers many famous companies like Yishan automotive lighting Co., LTD, Jiuding automobile Co., LTD, Donggang Lamps Lanterns Co., LTD, Zhongyuan Lamp Co., LTD. Wenguang Lamp Co., LTD, Xinyuan Venhicle Industry Co., LTD., Qinlong Car`s Lamps Co., LTD and other key parts suppliers of Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems Co.,LTD like Changzhou Huike and Changzhou Liyu and so on.

Jiuding Automobile: ratification of strategic collaboration

Changzhou Jiuding Automobile Co., Ltd is constantly striving to excel in the research and development and sales of automotive lightings. It focuses on the professional manufacturing of a wide range of products including headlamps, tail lamps, head fog lamps, rear view mirror, steering lamps, etc., delivering the auto parts for brands like Hunan Changfeng Qcar, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Beijing Hyundai, Chery Jaguar Land Rover, etc. Additionally, its products are also exported to many European countries and regions. From 2010 to the present time, Jiuding Automobile has already developed more than 200 types of auto parts. Currently, it has achieved mass production for nearly 170 types of auto parts.

Owing to Yizumi's in-depth research in the application of the auto lighting products as well as its superior equipment performance, Jiuding Automobile has ratified a strategic collaboration with Yizumi. It has also procured nearly 30 sets of injection molding machines to produce the big lamp shields, thick-walled strip lights and optical lens.

Auto decorative parts: driven by two-platen machines within the region

Yizumi’s injection molding machines have gained trust and confidence of the automotive parts enterprises. With the successful participation in the auto lighting area, Yizumi’s injection molding machines have successively gained the trust and confidence of the automotive parts enterprises. And Yizumi has redirected its focus on the application needs of the auto decorative parts - stable dimensions and weight, no welding mark on the surface, no flashes and peeling for the electroplated parts, which are all delivering a solution with a high rate of return for its clients. Nowadays, the clients of Yizumi in the auto decorative parts comprises of many locally renowned enterprises such as Huawei Mold Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Richang, Danyang Xinglong, Changzhou Tenglong, Jiangsu Riying, etc. Besides, the two-platen injection molding machines has become very popular with such enterprises in recent years. Not only can they produce large plastics parts, they can also fulfill the needs of the microcellular foam technology, low-pressure injection molding technology, etc.

Huawei Mold: stable commissioning of UN1850D1

Changzhou Huawei Mold Co., Ltd. is mainly providing molds of automotive exterior and interior parts to many auto companies.Changzhou Huawei Mold Co., Ltd, large automotive bumper mold manufacturer in the world, is mainly providing molds of automotive exterior and interior parts to many global esteemed auto companies like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, etc. Among them, the annual production of exterior molds has encompassed about 200 auto models. In addition, it has also successfully applied the leading advanced technologies, including microcellular foam technology, hot runner servo needle valve technology, and so on, satisfying the market needs of lightweight construction and green environment.

Huawei Mold has officially unveiled collaboration with Yizumi in 2016. It has procured the following machines such as UN160A5, UN320A5, UN1000A5, UN1850D1, UN2200A2 in different batches. At present, the machines are deployed in the injection molding and commissioning workshops. And they have been operating in a stable manner. Moreover, they have undergone trial production of bumper and spoiler molds of the different brands, including Audi, BMW, etc. and the part weight repeatability is up to 3‰. According to its workshop staff, they were extremely satisfied with Yizumi’s equipment because they were very stable, easy to operate and allowing the staff to handle them in a speedy manner.

Jiangsu Richang: promising potential of D1 two-platen machines

Located in Danyang, which is well-known for the “car and motorcycle parts”, Jiangsu Richang Auto Parts Co., Ltd is specializing in the research and development as well as the production of auto parts including auto lighting, exterior and interior parts, etc. It is currently a key supplier for Brilliance Auto Group. In addition to its lighting assembly production line as well as its auto plastics parts spraying automated production line, its products also include the head and tail bumpers, supports, auto lamps, decorative strips, etc.

An official collaboration was initiated between Jiangsu Richang and Yizumi 2016. In the early period, it purchased the UN650A5 which had met the expected requirements of product quality from the company. On top of having an excellent working condition and the local comprehensive after sales services, Jiangsu Richang purchased 2 more two-platen machines, UN1850D1 and UN1100D1 before the Chinese New Year this year.

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