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The top 10 most valuable chemicals brands of 2018. (Source: Brand Finance)
The top 10 most valuable chemicals brands of 2018. (Source: Brand Finance)
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BASF holds the position as the most valuable chemical brand in the world, while SABIC consolidates its position as the fastest growing brand in the chemical industry, according to a new report of Brand Finance.

The strategic consulting firm values the most important brands in the world every year, and the top 10 chemical brands in 2018 was just announced. The brand value is equivalent to the net economic benefit that the owner of a brand would obtain by licensing the brand in the free market.

BASF’s brand value boosted by 13%

In the Chemicals 10 league table of Brand Finance, BASF has maintained its No.1 position, after a 13% growth in brand value from last year reaching US$7.4 billion.

The chemical giant’s brand value was boosted as a result of the increase in revenue projections after a strong 2017, which included the announcement and subsequent purchase of parts of Bayer's businesses.

Dow benefits from completed merger

Dow secures the second place with brand value rose 38% to US$6.5 billion, driven by the merger with DuPont.

Although the combined value of Dow and DuPont at US$9.2 billion is greater than that of BASF, it remains to be seen how the merger and the consequent reallocation of assets will impact on their respective brand values, the report said.

“The transformation experienced within DowDuPont will have a tremendous impact on brands and how they will be perceived in the future,” David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, commented. “So far, Dow has seen the value of its brand increase through merger, while that DuPont's brand value has been significantly altered.”

SABIC the fastest growing brand

SABIC of Saudi Arabia rises to 3rd from 8th place with the fastest brand value growth in the table, gaining 78% to reach US$3.7 billion. The renewed effort of SABIC to capitalize on the US shale boom by growing its business has contributed most to the impressive increase in the value of the brand.

Driven by the increase in oil prices, SABIC is also looking for opportunities to access the African market and considering acquisitions in Europe and China, the report said.

“SABIC's remarkable growth in brand value this year can be attributed to the way the company has been rapidly developing its global portfolio. It is expanding its plastics production, foam production capabilities and innovations around the world,” Andrew Campbell, Executive Director of Brand Finance Middle East, commented.

The rest of the rankings lose value

Brands in the middle of the top 10 ranking did not share the strong earnings of those at the top. Air Liquide (down 9%), Asahi Kasei (down 5%) and Mitsubishi Chemicals (down 9%) suffered significant losses in their brand value. Asahi Kasei and Mitsubishi Chemicals were affected by the relative weakness of the Japanese yen.

In addition to measuring the total value of the brand, Brand Finance also assesses the relative strength of brands through the Brand Strength Index (BSI): a balanced scorecard of factors such as investment in marketing, customer familiarity, satisfaction of personnel and corporate reputation. Along with the level of income, the strength of the brand is a crucial factor in the value of the brand.

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