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VELOX and SK Chemicals launch transparent bio-plastic packaging for high pressure applications
Issue date:18/07/2018
CPRJ Editorial Team
VELOX offered newly developed transparent bio-plastic by SK Chemicals for hot-fill applications.
VELOX offered newly developed transparent bio-plastic by SK Chemicals for hot-fill applications.

VELOX GmbH and its long-term partner SK Chemicals Co. Ltd. (South Korea) recently presented the next innovation for plastic packaging applications such as aerosol containers as well as cosmetic and hot fill bottles.

ECOZEN HF is a newly developed bio-copolyester range that is perfectly suitable for aluminum, glass and PET replacement wherever heat and pressure resistance combined with transparency is required.

Besides remarkable resistance to pressure, stress-cracking and high temperatures, the material is characterised by excellent transparency and easy processing. As a glass replacement, e.g. for food packaging, it not only helps to reduce weight and transportation costs but can also be used to produce hot-fill containers without the need for an expensive PET heat-setting process or the need for crystallising the bottle or jar neck.

Similarly, as an aluminum substitute in the cosmetics packaging industry, ECOZEN HF combines high pressure-resistance with design flexibility and transparency. In addition, it is totally miscible with PET in the recycling stream.

ECOZEN HF has similar processing requirements to PET and can be used in the same injection-stretch blow moulding (ISBM) process. However, the new grades by SK Chemicals perform perfectly in areas where PET can sometimes fail, such as in high temperature and high pressure applications”, explained François Minec, General Manager at VELOX.

“For example, PET is sometimes used to produce aerosol bottles. These bottles can often fail due to high residual stress and the low temperature resistance of PET, especially in the summer months when possible leakage is the result. ECOZEN HF offers an ideal alternative here, Minec continued.

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