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Sacmi packaging machines and complete lines to take centre-stage in Mumbai
Issue date:26/07/2018
Source: CPRJ Editorial Team
(Chun Cheng)
Sacmi will showcase packaging machines and comprehensive solutions at Anutec held in Mumbai, India.
Sacmi will showcase packaging machines and comprehensive solutions at Anutec held in Mumbai, India.

Sacmi will participate in the 13th edition of Anutec and showcase everything from the FFS packaging machine range for the food industry to its integrated PET production range with comprehensive pellet-to-pallet solutions.

Anutec, the food & drink processing fair, will be held in Bombai Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India, from 27 to 29 September 2018.

Sacmi’s stand will be placing considerable emphasis on complete FFS solutions. The form-fill-seal horizontal packagers for the food industry come in a wide range of configurations. Available in aseptic and non-aseptic versions, their output rates span from 6,000 to 100,000 containers per hour and cover sizes from 10 to 250 ml.

More specifically, Sacmi recently developed and presented a smart version of the solution, a horizontal 6,000 cph packager for dairy products.

According to the company, being able to provide packaging machines with the Sacmi shrink sleeve application device in multi-pack configurations (patented Sacmi ISA, integrated sleeve applicator) gives the final product added value, rewarding producers with new individual brand marketing and enhancement opportunities and allowing the development of new product lines at competitive cost.

Another highlight of Sacmi at the exhibition is the new Sacmi HeroLine with Heroblock, the all-in-one quadblock that combines the blowing, filling, capping and bottle labeling stages.

As said, contained consumption, logistic efficiency thanks to less handling and improved final product quality are but some of the advantages of the HERO configuration. Extensive technological expertise covering every stage of the process lets Sacmi design the optimal plant configuration - with modular, flexible pellet-to-pallet solutions - together with customers according to their specific production requirements.

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