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Agr to present quality management systems for plastic and glass containers
Issue date:15/08/2018
CPRJ Editorial Team
The highlight of Agr at Pack Expo will be the Process Pilot blowmolder management system.
The highlight of Agr at Pack Expo will be the Process Pilot blowmolder management system.

Agr International, Inc. will feature its new developments for managing the production and quality of plastic and glass containers at Pack Expo 2018.

Featured at this year’s show will be Agr’s Process Pilot blowmolder management system. The system is designed to simplify the production of PET bottles in 3 easy steps, which are measure, control and optimize. 

The Process Pilot offers precise material distribution management and hands-off control of blowmolder parameters as well as manufacturers alternatives to optimize their processes in the way that is suitable for their production.

The new version of this system offers expanded measurement capability with the means to accurately measure material thickness as thin as 0.001 in (0.025 mm).   This capability makes it possible for bottle manufacturers to produce bottles with less material and thinner sidewalls while still maintaining desired quality and performance characteristics.

For glass container producers, the company will feature its novel developments in precise dimensional, thickness and coating measurement. The equipment can be used in the lab or on the plant floor to help manufacturers ensure high quality container production.

Pack Expo 2018 will be held from 14 – 17 Oct in Chicago, the US.

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