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UNITED CAPS and Braskem jointly launch bio-sourced plastic caps
Issue date:27/08/2018
CPRJ Editorial Team
The GREENER closures: same performance as traditional closures, but better for the environment.
The GREENER closures: same performance as traditional closures, but better for the environment.

UNITED CAPS, a Luxembourg-based manufacturer of caps and closures, and Braskem, a leading Brazilian petrochemical company, announced to deliver the market GREENER bio-sourced plastic caps and closures made from sugar cane as an addition to the UNITED CAPS product portfolio.

Bio ethanol, the feedstock for I'm green Polyethylene, the basis for UNITED CAPS GREENER bioplastic caps, is derived from sugarcane, a renewable alternative to traditional fossil feedstocks.

Being a renewable feedstock, sugarcane captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere with every growth cycle, which occurs annually. This means that the production of I'm green Polyethylene contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional polyethylene, made from fossil materials.

UNITED CAPS is initially bringing to market two standard closures manufactured using bioplastic resin from Braskem, including the VICTORIA closure, and PROFLATSEAL.

The VICTORIA closure is a 30/25 screw closure designed for still drinks, while PROFLATSEAL is designed for dairy products and still drinks, both pressurised and non-pressurised.

“It goes without saying that I’m green Polyethylene fits all existing end-of-life scenarios and that our ethanol is sustainably sourced with clear chain of custody certification possible,” said Brendan Hill, Sales Manager at Braskem Netherlands B.V.

 “Using bio-sourced plastics and developing high performance lighter weight caps and closures are just two of the ways we are pursuing more sustainable operations,” said Astrid Hoffmann-Leist, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at UNITED CAPS.

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