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Recommended product: OmniCore™ controllers.
Recommended product: OmniCore™ controllers.

During Sep. 19 to Sep. 23, at the China International Industry Fair 2018(CIIF 2018), ABB will demonstrate a series of new products, new applications and a wide range of solutions for different industries to help the manufactures embrace the Dawn of a New Robotics Era.

Date:   2018/9/19-2018/9/23
National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai)No. 168, Yinggang East Road, Qingpu district, Shanghai
ABB Robotics Booth:   

ABB Robotics is an early bird and market leader in the industrial robot industry in China. It started business in China as early as in 1994 and it started local R&D and manufacturing in China as early as in 2005. ABB Robotics localizes full value chain from R&D, manufacturing, sales, engineering, system integration to service in China and provides the manufacturers with full portfolio from naked robot, software, peripheral equipment, module cell, various applications, system integration to service. ABB also provides complete solution from press automation, body-in-white, paint automation to powertrain assembly to auto manufacturing industry. ABB Robotics has around 2,000 employees located in more than 20 cities.

ABB Robotics is a pioneer in industrial and collaborative robots and advanced digital services. As one of the world’s leading robotics suppliers, ABB is active in 53 countries and over 100 locations and have shipped over 300,000 robot solutions in a diverse range of industries and applications. ABB helps the our customers to improve flexibility, efficiency, safety and reliability, while moving towards the connected and collaborative factory of the future.

Recommended product: OmniCore™ controllers

ABB’s OmniCore robot controller family is one of the first significant steps towards preparing customers for a new era in manufacturing. The OmniCore controllers are designed for maximum performance and reliability during the robust 24/7 operations of factories making products with increasingly shorter lifecycles. The controller’s high path accuracy also increases throughput and decreases cycle times. ABB is proud to again reinvent the renowned motion control and path accuracy, in a 50% smaller footprint for maximum installation flexibility and floor space utilization. This allows robotic solutions to be flexibly tailored to a wide variety of existing and new production lines. In addition to increasing mounting flexibility, the OmniCore also increases flexibility to incorporate the new digital technologies.

Recommended product: Single-arm YuMi.Recommended product: Single-arm YuMi

Following on from the success of ABB’s dual-arm YuMi, introduced in 2015, ABB’s first truly collaborative robot, ABB has developed a single-arm YuMi to expand its collaborative portfolio. The new Single-arm YuMi is ABB’s most agile and compact collaborative robot yet, and can be easily integrated into any production environment. Single-arm YuMi also features the same intuitive, easy-to-use lead through programming as dual-arm YuMi, meaning workers can teach the robot motions and positions easily and quickly, greatly simplifying robot programming. Combining this simplicity with the robot’s deployment flexibility, it will help manufacturers in many industries to offset shortages of skilled workers and help reduce entry barriers for new potential robot users, particularly small and medium enterprises.

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