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RAMPF develops fully automated bonding solution for exterior car parts
Issue date:24/09/2018
Source: CPRJ Editorial Team
The fully automated cell for bonding exterior car parts developed by RAMPF Production Systems maximizes the speed, preci-sion, and flexibility of production processes.
The fully automated cell for bonding exterior car parts developed by RAMPF Production Systems maximizes the speed, preci-sion, and flexibility of production processes.

RAMPF Production Systems has developed a fully automated production cell for the bonding of exterior car parts. By combining cutting-edge mixing & dispensing technology, automation, and robotics, precision and speed as well as flexibility of manufacturing processes are maximized.

Car manufacturers not only measure speed in mph. Moreover, ultra-fast production processes are essential for staying ahead of the competition, says the company.

With its holistic production cell concept for the bonding of external car parts such as side panels, rear spoilers, tailgates, and wind blades, RAMPF Production Systems is making a significant contribution for maximizing the precision, speed, and flexibility of production processes.

At the heart of the intricate production unit is the RAMPF dispensing system C-DS. The compact system guarantees for the precise application of the 2-component polyurethane adhesives that bond the parts.

The C-DS encompasses a material conditioning, metering, and mixing unit, PLC controls, and integrated process monitoring. The modular design of the dispensing system offers a high degree of flexibility, as metering pumps and mixing system are easy to integrate into existing handling units.

Before the adhesive is applied, a quality control system following the Poka Yoke principle verifies that a manual pre-cleaning of the inserted parts has taken place via cleaning sensors.

The production cell can be equipped with FANUC, KUKA, and ABB robots. Conveyor tracking systems enable the robots to identify, pick, and place items on a moving conveyor belt. Depending on the requirements of the bonded part, several robots can be integrated.

Plasma surface activation is integrated for optimum surface adhesion properties; COD is integrated for the rapid curing of the bonded parts.

We can adapt this production cell to a wide range of requirements, including joining tools with linear motors, traversing axis for mixing and dispensing technology, and automatic discharging”, Stefan Huber, Director of Project Management at RAMPF Production Systems, explains. “On the basis of our standardized technical concept we have already developed several customized production systems for the bonding of parts of leading car manufacturers.”

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