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Cosmo Films installs a wide format, solvent less lamination machine
Issue date:04/10/2018
Source: CPRJ Editorial Team
Cosmo Films just installed a solvent less lamination machine at its Indian plant.
Cosmo Films just installed a solvent less lamination machine at its Indian plant.

Cosmo Films has announced the installation of a new solvent less lamination machine at its Karjan plant, near Vadodara, India.

The new machine has been commissioned at company's existing facility at Karjan, which already houses BOPP lines, extrusion coating and chemical coating lines and a metalizer.

The installed machine is a Nordmeccanica product which is 1.8 meter wide and can run up to 450m/min speed. The machine can produce multilayer film laminates in any thickness and go as thick as 450 microns.

The laminate could be a combination of different materials such as PP, PET, PE, Nylon, Aluminium foil or Paper. A dedicated sheet cutter of the same width has also been installed next to the machine to process its output.

As the machine can laminate structures as thick as 450 microns, it helps the company to serve customers who require thick film laminates. Some of the applications areas of thick laminates include graphic arts, baggage tags, retort and stand-up pouches, high-strength hanging labels, aseptic boxes and luncheon trays, composites for construction and auto-segment, etc. The machine can also help with the R&D testing during new product development process.

Speaking on the development, Mr. Pankaj Poddar, CEO Cosmo Films said, "Solvent less lamination being an eco-friendly process with no emissions and low energy demands would also help us with our sustainability goals."

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