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injection mold 
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männer moldMIND II – The digital cockpit for molds.
männer moldMIND II – The digital cockpit for molds.

Hot runner and high-precision mold specialist männer has developed a new monitoring system for injection molds. The moldMIND II detects errors at an early stage, minimizing any downtime. The system provides a basis for planning maintenance measures and supplies data for optimized production processes.

The intelligent männer moldMIND II monitoring system is designed for mold owners, injection molders, and mold makers. It collects all important process-relevant data in the injection mold and creates a tamper-proof record of that data.

As a result, process values such as the actual number of cycles, minimum and maximum cycle times, temperature profiles, operating times, and downtimes of the injection mold are always available.

When developing moldMIND II, männer drew upon many years of experience in dealing with the first generation of the device. The new generation is equipped with numerous interfaces, storage, and application options.

Alarm in case of malfunction

moldMIND II logs events such as temperature deviations, sensor breakage, or downtimes. In the case of critical deviations from the specified set point parameter, an alarm signal is generated. It can be sent to a smartphone or directly to an MES system for quick troubleshooting.

Complete data throughout the lifecycle

moldMIND II seamlessly documents critical processes inside the mold throughout its lifecycle. All important tool and hot runner data, process parameters, and events are stored and available to operating personnel, depending on their level of authorization.

The internal memory is also available for additional information such as tool master data or user manual documentation. Having data stored in the moldMIND II Cloud allows remote access from any location.

Analyzing data

The stored values are a valuable database for optimizing production processes. Thus, the analysis of historical data permits comparison of the production efficiency of molds and provides information on potential improvements.

The data can be accessed by a smartphone app, via Bluetooth, WLAN, Ethernet, USB, or OPC UA. Owners and operators of many molds can use a GPS module to obtain an overview of the exact location of their molds.

Planning maintenance

With a reminder function for upcoming maintenance, moldMIND II supports the planning of maintenance and repair, spare parts management, or mold refurbishment. When accessed through the cloud, the maintenance intervals of all molds are available.

Database for predictive Maintenance

moldMIND II is being further developed to provide data for predictive maintenance concepts in the future. Malfunction can be predicted at an early stage in order to avoid breakdown.

männer will be presenting the moldMIND II live at Fakuma 2018.

6.5 mm nominal nozzle diameter for tightly spaced mold configurations

At Fakuma, manner will also present the newest model of its line of SLIMLINE hot runner nozzle products.
männer SLIMLINE 6.5.
With a rated nozzle diameter of only 6.5 mm, the newest model also features the original Cylindrical Valve Gate and meets the same rigorous criteria for thermal behavior and stability as all valve gate nozzles offered by the company.

Plastic closures for the food and beverage industry as well as for cosmetics and personal care products are generally produced in high-speed high-cavitation molds. In cases like these, valve gate systems are vital to achieving very short cycle times.

The construction of compact molds with numerous cavities, core-pulling mechanics, and hot runners is extremely complex – and every millimeter counts. To meet these demands, männer has extended its line of SLIMLINE hot runner nozzle products.

According to the company, the highly stable Cylindrical Valve Gate inside the nozzle operates on a successful industry-tested design principle. This also ensures the nozzle is resistant to wear and the use of high-performance materials also makes the valve gate nozzle exceptionally resistant to pressure.

The männer SLIMLINE 6.5 offers an excellent and safe hot runner solution for applications with polyolefins (PP, PEHD) and tightly spaced configurations at the sprue bushing. 

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