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injection mold 
To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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More than 300 attendees joined CPRJ Plastics in Medical Conference & Showcase.
More than 300 attendees joined CPRJ Plastics in Medical Conference & Showcase.

The CPRJ Plastics in Medical Conference & Showcase, hosted by Adsale Publishing Ltd., grandly kicked off today (October 18-19) in Shanghai, China. Hot topics about innovative materials and highly-efficient technologies for medical applications were discussed in details.

The Conference was held at Crowne Plaza Shanghai Pujiang, and was greeted by 300+experts and professionals from the medical and plastics industries.

Most of the attendees were the management of purchasing, R&D and production departments from enterprises of the supply chain such as MicroPort, Medtronic, WEGO, Meixin Medical, Innovex Medical, Nanoablation Biological, Malosa Medical Devices, Taisei Chemical, Nestlé, Johnson, Yashili, Unilever, Amcor, Philips, etc.

Keynote speeches shed lights on hot topics

In her welcome remarks, Janet Tong, General Manager of Adsale Group Adsale Publishing Ltd. mentioned that the Chinese medical device market has been growing rapidly and has high potential. Thanks to plastics' excellent properties such as lightweight, high toughness, high transparency, strong penetration resistance, easy to mold, lower cost, etc., more plastic applications are expected in the future. 

The CPRJ Plastics in Medical Conference & Showcase presents professional presentations and product showcase from renowned local and overseas enterprise, so that latest market information can be exchanged and advanced technologies can be promoted,” she emphasized.

Meanwhile, Paul Wang, Senior Purchasing Director, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. also delivered his welcome remarks. He said with the increasing aging population in China, the healthcare industry as well as the medical device industry in China are promising. Meanwhile, the recent US-Sino trade relationship proposed some opportunities for Chinese enterprises. The additional 5%-25% tariffs may ultimately increase the cost of manufacturers in the US. Therefore, the localization of medical device manufacture in China was on the rise.

As an end-user company, 
Paul Wang emphasized that MicroPort Scientific Corporation is expecting high-quality but cost effective products and immediate response service from suppliers. MicroPort would like to pave the road of medical devices with partners in China, especially the R&D of raw materials for medical devices.

In the morning session, Shan Xu, Secretary-General of China Association for Medical Devices Industry presented the topic “The current outlook of the Chinese medical device industry and the recent policy implications”.

She commented that the global medical device market enjoyed a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% from 2016-2022. Europe, the United States and Japan accounted for nearly 90% market share of the global high-end medical device, while China, India, Russia, Brazil were developing at a remarkable rate.

"The innovations of medical device are moving towards artificial intelligence, 3D printing, mobile interconnection, the Internet of Things, big data, wearable technology, cloud data and analysis, block chain.” Said Xu Shan 

Besides, Senyong Lin, Division Chief, Division of Medical Device Safety Inspection, Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration, shared his views on the implementation of medical device registrant system in Shanghai. He elaborated the innovative practice of medical device registration system in Shanghai and emphasized that IVD, high-value consumables, independent imaging centers, cancer treatment centers, medical robots, and home medical devices will be the fields of great potentials.


In his presentation, Stanley Leung, Stratasys Product and Applications Engineering Manager at Stratasys Shanghai Ltd., shed lights on how 3D printing can shape innovations in the medical sector. He said the trend of customized solutions for key applications is on the rise. In the medical device industry, biocompatibility certification of printing materials, or whether the material will be shielded by MRI, are the criteria for users when they make decisions.


The biological assessment of medical materials and products plays a crucial role in the supply chain. In his presentation, Dr. Hongyan Jiang, Senior Vice President of R&D Technical Support and Sharing, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd., said that it was particularly important to pay attention to the biosafety of medical polymer products. The timing of clinical exposure, the materials and processing methods for medical devices will affect the biological risks.


Automation is a megatrend in the plastics processing industry. Terry Liu, General Manager, Wittmann Battenfeld (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. talked about robots with special applications in medical parts production. According to him, apart from higher quality requirements for injection molded medical products, the medical sector asks for other special production requirements, including clean room environment, product follow-up assembly, automated packaging, product traceability, etc. He also introduced the company’s various special machine models for the medical sector.


In addition, Clark Yan, Great China Business Manager (Life Science), Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, analyzed the market outlook of medical devices and high molecular polymers. He also shared his views and case studies on how to choose polymers and materials for medical device designs. 

16 expert presentations and concurrent exhibition

Parallel sub-forums were held in the afternoon, discussing the topics:

  • Medical consumables and packaging - Innovation materials and processing technologies
  •  Innovative medical plastics processing equipment and technologies, automation


There were a total of 16 expert presentations in the parallel sub-forums, speakers came from renowned enterprises and institutes , including Medtronic China R&D Center, Männer Hong Kong Ltd., Henan Tuoren Medical Device Co., Ltd., Momentive Performance Material Inc., Baxter Healthcare (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Ultratech Mold Design & Mfg. Co., Ltd., Oliver Healthcare Packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Philips Healthcare (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Weigao Blood Transfusion Products Co., Ltd., Shanghai-Fanuc Robotics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Multiplus Machinery Co., Ltd., The 9th People Hospital Of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Hospital, Motan-Colortronic Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., Maider Medical Industry Equipment Co., Ltd., China Service Alliance of Medical Device Technology Innovation, and Suzhou JUSTDO Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


Meanwhile, Shenzhen Multiplus Machinery Co., Ltd. organized a Special Consultation Booth, introducing the Industry 4.0 smart total solutions for fast and small batch production (3D printing rapid mold + micro precision injection molding) facilitating medical product innovations


A product showcase was also staged concurrently, more than 30 leadingmaterials, processing technology and equipment suppliers showcased their latest technologies and solutions to the audience, including: Oliver Healthcare Packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., MÄNNER Hong Kong Ltd., SHANGHAI-FANUC Robotics Co., Ltd., Motan-Colortronic Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., Maider Medical Industry Equipment Co., Ltd., Momentive Performance Materials Inc., WITTMANN BATTENFELD (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Stratasys Shanghai Ltd., Ultratech Mold Design & Mfg. Co., Ltd., Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Suzhou JUSTDO Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., etc.

In addition, attendees will be offered the opportunity to visit the Exhibition Hall of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. tomorrow. Microport is a premier medical solution provider with products currently approved for use in hospitals worldwide.

The grand event is organized by Adsale Publishing Ltd., and supported by CHINAPLAS, Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE),, China Association for Medical Devices Industry and Suzhou Association for Medical Devices Industry. 

High potential Chinese medical device market

The Chinese medical device market has been growing. The compound annual growth rate (CGAR) of Chinese medical technology and device industry was 20.7% from 2011-2016, far much higher than the 3% of the global level, according to the statistics of China Food and Drug Administration.

The Chinese device market reached a value of RMB 370 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach RMB 600 billion by 2019. The imaging equipment, in vitro diagnosis and high-value consumables are the biggest sectors in the industry, accounting for 19%, 16% and 13% of the market value respectively.

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