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TOMRA has just introduced a new-generation X-TRACT sorting machine with Dual Processing Technology.
TOMRA has just introduced a new-generation X-TRACT sorting machine with Dual Processing Technology.
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TOMRA Sorting Recycling has introduced a new-generation X-TRACT sorting machine with innovative Dual Processing Technology. It is designed to enhance end product purity levels and provide multi-density channels to enable more precise classification and sorting of materials.

X-TRACT employs X-ray transmission (XRT) technology to sort materials according to differences in their density. Broad-band radiation penetrates the material to provide spectral absorption information which is then measured with a highly sensitive X-ray camera to identify the atomic density of the material, regardless of its thickness.

The Dual Processing Technology enables X-TRACT to distinguish between overlapping objects on the sorting line, a particularly useful advantage when lines are running higher throughputs. This advantage has been made possible by the development of sophisticated software, which can detect and prioritize between single object processing and area processing.

The introduction of multi-density channels is also a useful advance. Previous X-TRACT models sorted material according to two classes, separating it into high-density and low-density fractions. The new X-TRACT features multiple density channels, allowing a greater number of classes for separating materials according to density, with the maximum precision.

Moreover, the company has also improved X-TRACT with the new TOMRA ACT. This intuitive user interface enables the setting of several user-levels. TOMRA ACT is placed to optimize the sort and shows operators the most relevant real-time process data at a glance. This information improves monitoring and enables fast adjustments at any time.

Available in wider range of application packages

Apart from sorting Zorba (shredded mixed nonferrous scrap metals) into aluminum and mixed heavy metals, X-TRACT is now featured with five different application packages: the E-Scrap, organic, wood, aluminum, and high power pack.

“With X-ray transmission technology to assess materials according to their density, X-TRACT was already capable of delivering exceptional sorting performance. TOMRA’s innovative and unique Dual Processing Technology adds even more accuracy to material recognition and sorting. Now, X-TRACT is available in a wider range of customized application packages, more businesses can take advantage of it,” commented Valerio Sama, Vice President and Head of Product Management Recycling at TOMRA.

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