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injection mold 
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injection mold 
To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Two platen multicolor machine with horizontal rotary table and opposite injection units.
Two platen multicolor machine with horizontal rotary table and opposite injection units.
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With time advancing, the light-weighting of plastic-steel switch-facilitated injection molding technology has been edging to maturity. Nowadays, the growing quality, quantity, diversity and colour of plastic products have been actively pursued. Bracing the tide, two-color/multi-color/multi-material/multi-angle injection molding has been a hot spot in the injection molding technology development, which can better adapt to the ever-changing product processing form and richer product solutions.

As one of the popular advanced injection molding methods, two-color injection molding has provided new possibilities of design for product manufacturing. It has been widely used in many fields such as mobile phone, automobile, home appliance, handicraft and daily supplies industry etc., especially in the field of auto parts, two-color injection molding technology has made great progress.

Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as Tederic), located in Hangzhou, China, has a production area of more than 120,000 square meters and integrated R&D, production, sales, integration and service. It is one of the first injection molding machine manufacturing companies in China to be listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

As a renowned injection molding machine manufacturer in the sector, Tederic has a complete product line and supporting system solutions. For multi-component injection molding machines, it is one of the few companies in China with the production capacity of ultra-large two-platen rotary multi-component injection molding machines. Tederic has many years of experience in the R&D of large-scale two-platen machine, large-scale servo rotary structure design with horizontal and linear single-cylinder precision injection molding technology. Combining various advantages and experiences, Tederic's DH-MMM series of two-platen multi-component injection molding machine can adapt to the production of household appliances and auto parts, which are severely subject to factors as heavy weight and high molding precision.

It is worth mentioning that Tederic has an 1800T horizontal rotary injection molding machine that has been successfully put into operation at the customer's factory for several months. The horizontal rotary two-color machine combines multiple technologies including large-sized two-platen machine, independent injection platform, horizontal rotary plate, stacking and servo energy saving. The injection unit of the machine adopts the horizontal opposite pairing, working with the rotary structure. Compared with the vertical turntable, the mold has a greater use under same tie-bar space, and can also cope with mold design requirements of longer stroke. The clamping unit adopts a two-platen structure, which not only saves space, but also meets the requirements of large-scale two-color mold production.

It is understood that this 1800-ton two-color machine can carry molds weighted up to 50 tons! Usually, even a 20-ton mold mounted on the vertical turntable of a 1920-ton machine will affect the machine stability in the long-run use. Now, with horizontal turntable, the maximum tonnage of the 1800-ton two-color machine mold can easily reach 50 tons.

The main reason behind is: the horizontal rotary motion, the force of the turntable and the mold is directly and axially supported, which eliminates the problem when vertical turntable gets inclined due to the self-weight of the mold, resulting in unsatisfactory operation. Therefore it can be applied to a larger two-color mold.

In addition to the two-color mold utillity, the horizontal rotary IMM can also be used as two monochrome machine, as well as three-color one. For example, in auto parts there are often two symmetrical inner door panels. Although multi-color injection is not necessarily required, horizontal opposite injection molding machines can product a pair of symmetrical door panels simultaneously. The weight error of two door panels can be limited within 2g.

Normally, on a vertical turntable, if you need to get two-cavity products, the mold has to be quite large, raising issues to the diameter of turntable and the weight of the mold. If placed on the horizontal turntable, one side makes a multi-cavity or symmetrical main material part, with the other side making soft material. It can bring great efficiency. Moreover, within the same mold, the process parameters are the same, hence the material stability of the symmetrical product will greatly be improved, satisfying higher process requirements from customers.

Tederic aims to provide customers with more convenient mode and scales of production by optimized equipment and solutions, which will further boost the lean production.

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