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The most important PVC pipe applications are sewage disposal, potable water supply, and cable protection.
The most important PVC pipe applications are sewage disposal, potable water supply, and cable protection.

The total production of PVC pipes manufacturers is expected to increase by an average of 3.7% per year until 2025, according to a report by Ceresana. The most important PVC pipe applications are sewage disposal, potable water supply, and cable protection.

The highest growth rates of the upcoming years are likely to be registered by agriculture PVC pipes rather than by pipes in the real estate sector.

Regular irrigation of agricultural crops continues to gain importance due to the consequences of the climate change. To the same extent, drainage systems become increasingly important since heavy rainfalls occur more and more often as well.

In recent years, the size of the irrigated agricultural area in Western European countries developed considerably less dynamic than, for example, in China or India; Brazil and Turkey also have a great potential for comprehensive and systematic irrigation. Global demand for irrigation and drainage pipes made of PVC in the segment agriculture is likely to grow by about 5.7% per year in the years to come.

The material PVC offers significant advantages for the production of sewage pipes. As PVC is much lighter than concrete or metal, PVC pipes can often be installed without heavy equipment. Transportation of the pipes to the construction site and cutting them to various sizes is much easier with PVC pipes as well.

The individual pipe parts can be much longer due to the weight and the stability of the material, which is why fewer fittings are required. This reduces the time required for connecting the parts enormously. Cost of the respective civil engineering project can be reduced accordingly.

Another advantage is the variable shape of PVC pipes: Non-circular pipes, for example, are suitable for relining old drainage pipelines which often have non-circular shapes.

A country’s demand for pipes is highly dependent on the development of the national building construction and civil engineering activities, on the situation of the construction industry, and on the investment climate in the respective sectors. The report pointed out that the outlook for the important markets in China and Russia, for example, has brightened again.

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