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The aerial view of Covestro’s integrated production site in Shanghai.
The aerial view of Covestro’s integrated production site in Shanghai.

Covestro’s integrated production site in Shanghai has been granted the National Green Factory award by the Chinese authorities, for its continuous efforts in using innovative processes that ensure greater sustainability in manufacturing.

The Green Factory certificate was granted to the Covestro Integrated Site Shanghai (CISS) by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 

The selection criteria included rounds of assessments, which evaluated processes, energy and resource consumption, emissions, and environmental performance, among other factors.

This award is part of China’s efforts to encourage the development of green and environmentally friendly industries, which is a flagship initiative of the government’s 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020).

This national-level award is the latest recognition of Covestro’s efforts in driving sustainability, which is one of our core strategic pillars. It makes us a role model in the chemical industry here in China, at a time when the industry is undergoing tremendous restructuring towards sustainable development,” said Bjoern Skogum, President of Covestro China.

Continuous investments in advanced technologies

Since 2001, Covestro has invested more than 3 billion into building the Shanghai integrated site, which is the company’s largest site worldwide. CISS is now home to 11 plants with the latest technology, covering all major products that Covestro offers and serving industries including construction, automotive and electronics.

For example, the gas-phase process adopted by CISS to produce isocyanates, the essential chemical building blocks, requires up to 60% less energy and 80% less solvent compared to processes based on liquids. The Shanghai site also uses oxygen depolarized cathode technology that can shake up the energy-intensive chlorine production by cutting electrical energy demand and CO2 emissions by up to 30%.

Last year, the site also announced it had cut the concentration of nitrous oxide by 65% and nitrogen oxides by 30% in exhaust gases at its nitric acid plant through catalyst upgrades.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology initiated a program in 2016 to grant Green certificates, covering four categories, including Green Industry Park, Green Factory, Green Product, and Green Supply Chain.

The aim of the program is to identify and promote the best sustainable development practices in the manufacturing sector, as part of the nation’s efforts to move up the value chain in sectors including advanced basic materials, clean-energy cars, and aerospace.

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