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Wanhua announced the establishment of a new US$1.25 billion American chemical manufacturing complex in Louisiana.
Wanhua announced the establishment of a new US$1.25 billion American chemical manufacturing complex in Louisiana.

The Vice President of Wanhua Chemical(万华化学),Wanhua Chemical US Operations LLC CEO Dr. Weiqi Hua and Gov. John Bel Edwards announced the company has decided to develop a new US$1.25 billion American chemical manufacturing complex in Convent, St. James Parish, Louisiana.

The new MDI plant has a capacity of 400 kilotons per year. This project will generate 1,000 construction jobs at peak activity, and create 1,230 new direct and indirect jobs.

Louisiana State has worked diligently with Wanhua for this next-generation MDI project. Gov. Edwards said: “Our infrastructure assets enable us to compete for the leading economic development projects in the world. We welcome Wanhua to Louisiana and look forward to the company’s contribution to our workforce and economy.” 

"The investment in Louisiana has strategic significance to Wanhua’s position as a global supplier for the polyurethane industry,” said Dr. Hua. “It helps us to further strengthen our focus on markets in the Americas. We strive to achieve our goal of becoming North American customers’ preferred local isocyanates provider, starting from local production.”

Wanhua has had a presence in the United States for over a decade, with long term relationships with some of the most prestigious American companies. The company reputation is well-established.

The North American polyurethane market has witnessed continuous growth in recent years. Once operating at full capacity, the new facility will greatly enhance Wanhua’s supply capability and stability of MDI in North America, as well as broaden the product portfolio.

The Louisiana project represents Wanhua’s commitment to bring manufacturing to the U.S. and to enable the company to better serve the customers. At the same time, the U.S.-based complex will be another major component of Wanhua’s global development of MDI and polyurethanes, which further ensures the company’s long-term competitiveness.

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