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Jacob Rognhaug, general manager at TOMRA China.
Jacob Rognhaug, general manager at TOMRA China.

TOMRA is committed to its long-term development in China and has further strengthened its set-up in this fast-growing market.

Since establishing the first subsidiary in China in 2010, TOMRA has been actively increasing its investment and business activities in this dynamic market. Currently, the company has three businesses operating in China: Recycling Sorting, Food Sorting and Grading and Beverage Container Collection.

TOMRA’s business activity in China ranges from business development, product management, R&D, assembly, sales, service and application validation in the local test centers.

The company developed a comprehensive China strategy in 2015, and it includes establishing a local R&D team, setting up a local service network and strengthening local production.

In 2017, the fresh fruit and vegetable grading manufacturing site in Kunshan was expanded to over 11,000 sqm, strengthening the supply chain, and providing enhanced support for the local market. This resulted in better integration of the resources in its global operations.

In addition, TOMRA enhanced its engineering capability in China by extending its technology center in Xiamen to support product and application development. Today, the technology center covers 5000 sqm, hosting about 150 employees, tripling the number of staff that was employed in 2015.

Envisioning TOMRA’s contribution in China’s shift to sustainable development, Jacob Rognhaug, general manager at TOMRA China, said, “During China’s transformative development, more innovative technologies are needed to address the challenges of efficient use of resources, environmental protection and the provision of high-quality food.

At TOMRA, we are dedicated to optimizing resource productivity with sensor-based technology, and our solutions can answer some of the main challenges that China is facing today. That’s why we have been increasing our financial investment in China while also investing a considerable amount of time in achieving a better understanding of the local market. With a spirit of innovation and a strong commitment to China, we look forward to a future that is win-win, Rognhaug highlighted.

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