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The all-electric e-cap injection moulding machine manufactures caps in a cycle time of under two seconds.
The all-electric e-cap injection moulding machine manufactures caps in a cycle time of under two seconds.

ENGEL will be demonstrating how tailor-made interplay between the injection moulding machine, automation, and the mould can reconcile these demands cost-effectively and sustainably at the Arabplast 2019 from January 5 to 8 in Dubai, United Arabic Emirates (UAE).

"Plastics processors in these industries are increasingly investing in the modernisation and expansion of their machinery," reported Andreas Leitner, Sales Director Middle East at ENGEL in the run-up to Arabplast. "Demand is particularly high for solutions that lead to greater efficiency and further increase sustainability."

In addition to injection moulding machines, ENGEL develops process technologies, robots and special automation solutions in-house and also collaborates with partner companies. One of these partners, Otto Hofstetter, is exhibiting along with ENGEL in Dubai. Among other capabilities, the Swiss toolmaker is one of the world's leading suppliers of thin-walled packaging. The two partners have many joint reference projects in the UAE.

Packaging:Maximum performance and minimal energy consumption

During the four days of the fair, ENGEL and Otto Hofstetter will be presenting a whole range of different thin-walled containers – from small food containers to larger paint buckets – which are manufactured using in-mould labelling (IML) at particularly low unit costs.

IML makes it possible to produce highly decorated, ready-to-fill packaging in a single production step. For this purpose, a decorative film is automatically inserted into the mould and back-moulded with thermoplastic material.

The high-performance machines in ENGEL's e motion series ensure that even extremely thin-walled containers are highly stable in these applications. With its closed system for toggle levers and spindles, the all-electric e-motion ensures optimum and clean lubrication of all moving machine components at all times, thus complying with the strict requirements of the food industry.

The e-cap, which ENGEL developed specifically for cap production, is the cap machine providing all-electric operation with a clamping force range as high as 4,200 kN and low-energy consumption. Because it is all-electric, the e-cap also saves cooling water.

Construction:Compact solutions for voluminous moulds

With no tie-bars to hamper the space, mould mounting platens on victory moulding machines can be used to the hilt. This means relatively compact machines can accommodate large-volume moulds, as needed for fittings.For the construction industry, ENGEL is displaying its tie-bar-less victory machines, which are compact solutions for voluminous moulds.

In the construction industry, fittings are produced in large quantities and place high demands on suppliers.

Generally, fitting production requires a large number of core-pulls and slide valves, thus leading to particularly large moulds.

However, ENGEL machines have no tie bars, which means the choice of injection moulding machine is not determined by mould volume, but rather by the clamping force required for the injection moulding process.

In this way, large moulds fit on comparatively small machines, which keeps investment costs low and saves a huge amount of energy over the entire production period.

The ENGEL ecodrive servo-hydraulic system, which is part of the the victory series' standard scope of supply, makes a further contribution to high energy efficiency.

Logistics:Reliable processing of recycled materials

The trend is towards sustainable plastic pallets. In this market segment, ENGEL supplies duo injection moulding machines in a compact double-platen design.The trend towards greater sustainability is particularly evident in the area of logistics. Companies in the Middle East would like to completely do without wooden pallets in the long term.

"Pallets are increasingly being produced from recycled packaging waste," said Leitner. "The circular economy trend is leading to more and more high-quality applications being developed for recycled materials, which we support as machine manufacturer and system solution provider."

With their very powerful plasticising units, compact, dual-platen, large-scale machines by ENGEL duo series are optimally equipped for processing recycled material.

To achieve full automation even for larger dimensions, ENGEL offers its viper robots with a nominal payload capacity of up to 120 kg. With a mould take-off stroke of 3000 mm and a reach of 3550 mm, the ENGEL viper 120 is expanding the horizon of linear robotics.

New service base in Dubai

To ensure close proximity to its customers worldwide, ENGEL is continuously expanding its sales and service network. In the Middle East, the service team in particular has recently been expanded. Dubai now also has its own service base with a very experienced technician.

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