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Dow’s Coating Materials research division and breakthrough innovations received recognition from Business Intelligence Group.
Dow’s Coating Materials research division and breakthrough innovations received recognition from Business Intelligence Group.

Two innovative technologies from Dow, as well as the company’s Coating Materials research division have won BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence Group.

The annual awards program recognizes the organizations, products and people that bring new ideas to life.

“Creating materials and solutions that exceed customer needs, transform our world and deliver shareholder value is why we innovate,” said A.N. Sreeram, senior vice president, Research and Development, and chief technology officer for Dow. “We are grateful for this recognition from Business Intelligence Group of our talented Dow teams and breakthrough innovations.”

Dow 2019 BIG Innovation Award winners

Dow Coating Materials Research Division

Today’s modern coatings demand many, often conflicting qualities: energy efficiency, safety, durability, aesthetics and much more. These simultaneous requirements demand unique technologies and innovations.

The research team from Dow Coating Materials is being recognized for its expertise to bring inspired ideas to coating needs of all kinds, including market-defining technologies. 
Working hand-in-hand with customers and industry and academic partners alike, these scientists push the boundaries of chemistry to help understand and solve the world’s most critical challenges in coatings.

DOW SILASTIC 3335 Liquid Silicone Rubber

SILASTIC 3335 Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a groundbreaking silicone material formulated specifically to combine the performance benefits of silicone rubber with the design and processing advantages of liquid additive manufacturing.

DOW SYL-OFF 7792 and SYL-OFF 7795 Fluorosilicone Release Coatings

To solve the pain point of ultra-low release force applications, Dow developed SYL-OFF 7792 FLUOROSILICONE RELEASE COATING and SYL-OFF 7795 FLUOROSILICONE RELEASE COATING for Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive applications. The solution provides stable and lower release force and greater ease to peel off.

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