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The Covestro Direct Store opened up new ways for customers to source basis chemicals.
The Covestro Direct Store opened up new ways for customers to source basis chemicals.

Covestro recently launched its Covestro Direct Store, a new digital B2B trading platform, which opened up new ways for customers to source basis chemicals.

Customers of the materials manufacturer can now do business around the clock and with just a few clicks via the Covestro Direct Store available on a new platform under the link Covestro customers will be able to purchase chemical products conveniently, flexibly and securely via this digital sales channel.

“Nowadays, customers expect to have flexible ways to obtain the widest possible range of products and supplementary services through different channels,” explained Dr. Markus Steilemann, CEO of Covestro. “With our new Direct Store, we are adapting the buying experience to the changed requirements and are offering new methods in addition to our existing digital and analog sales channels.”

Simple, flexible and secure buying

The Covestro Direct Store has been designed over the past one-and-a-half years reflecting the demands of customers around the globe. It will offer around 80 products for manufacturing high-performance plastics and is intended to make buying chemicals more customer-friendly and efficient.

Customers will receive regular personalized offers at clear real-time conditions and will be able to purchase and review all relevant information.

In turn, Covestro’s sales staff benefit from an additional, personalized digital doorway to their customers. Covestro sellers will present their company’s products directly under the Covestro brand and will be able to respond to the different needs of their customers.

Scalable software solution for third party providers

Currently, the Covestro Direct Store is the only supplier store on the Asellion platform. Only Covestro sellers and their customers have access to the Covestro Direct Store.

However, the platform technology of Asellion is designed as a scalable and secure software-as-a-service(SaaS) solution, so that in the future third party providers and other manufacturers will, as far as possible, have the option to host their own direct store powered by Asellion. After a test and development phase, the platform is expected to open for external providers during the course of this year.

Asellion is a wholly owned subsidiary of Covestro AG based in Amsterdam and is part of the group-wide digital strategy “Digital@Covestro.” With the comprehensive program, the materials manufacturer wants to digitalize the operational business and customer communication and develop new, digital business models.

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