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BAOLI pelletizer from Maag.
BAOLI pelletizer from Maag.

Maag will present insights into its broad portfolio of high-performance pelletizers, gear pumps and melt filters that help compounders and recyclers combine high productivity with high product quality. Maag will be showing at CHINAPLAS in Guangzhou from May 21 to 24 on stand S51 in hall 5.1.

In the field of pelletizing, Maag focuses on BAOLI®-3 third-generation dry-cut pelletizers for processing hard and soft materials. The key components of these pelletizers are manufactured in Germany, and all versions meet the requirements of applicable safety standards in Germany. Maag has more than 60 years’ experience in pelletizers, and has already installed around 800 BAOLI pelletizers in China. As with previous BAOLI generations, the automated cutting chamber locking system enables fast handling while supporting operator safety.

In the same equipment segment, Maag presents the PEARLO® underwater pelletizing system for the highly efficient and flexible production of spherical pellets with throughputs of up to 36,000 kg/h. Compact and modularly structured, it requires only a very small footprint in production. Electronically controlled EAC technology guarantees precise feed of the pelletizing knives during operation, thereby enabling long runtimes free of interruptions with consistently high pellet quality.

From its extensive range of gear pumps, Maag will be presenting the extrex® gear pump in x6 class design at CHINAPLAS. As with all x6 versions, Maag has completely re-engineered and redesigned all the components, from the shafts through to the bearings and seals, and optimized the interaction of the components. Specially developed gear teeth with low compression allow very high pressures to be achieved with low shear rates. The result is a further increase in achievable product quality, volumetric efficiency, as well as production consistency and safety.

An ERF350 high-performance melt filter from Ettlinger complements the range of Maag exhibits at CHINAPLAS 2019. It reliably filters plastic melts with impurities and separates foreign materials such as paper, aluminum, wood, elastomers or plastics which fuse at a higher temperature with impurity levels up to 18 % – all with extremely low melt losses. Designed for especially high efficiency, it achieves a maximum throughput of 3,800 kg/h, depending on the type of melt and degree of impurities as well as the selected filtration rating. It is suitable for all commonly used polyolefins and polystyrenes as well as a large number of technical plastics such as styrene copolymers, TPE and TPU.

For further information about Maag and the company's products please visit

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