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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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injection mold 
To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future.
Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future.

Apart from exhibitions of high technologies, CHINAPLAS 2019 also presents a rich assortment of concurrent events that highlight some of the hottest industry trends. They include “Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future”, “Design x Innovation”, “Medical Plastics Connect” and “Tech Talk”.

In addition, there are more than 70 technical seminars where latest technology trends and market outlook are being discussed among professionals in the plastics and rubber industries.

Industry 4.0 factory in real-life operation

Building on the success of previous Industry 4.0 conferences at CHINAPLAS, the Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future event this year allows visitors to experience in real life the operation of a future factory.

At the fairground, there are two themed areas, “Manufacturing Intelligence Control Room” and “Smart Factory”, to demonstrate practical Industry 4.0 solutions. The control room displays operational data recorded in machines operating at different booths and various factories in Asia and Europe.

Meanwhile, the Smart Factory located in the “Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone” simulates the production environment of the future manufacturing industry. Leading injection molding machine manufacturers join hands with auxiliary equipment suppliers to demonstrate how engineer and the control room communicate through data.

On the whole, visitors can view 10 simulation scenarios per day, from production shop floor, management to the entire supply chain. The scenarios include shift handover, seamless integration of production with supply chain, rapid R&D cycles, realizing smart production planning, etc.

The show organizer produces this event in cooperation with its core supporters of Industry 4.0 - iPlast 4.0, EUROMAP and VDMA. Enterprises that join in these demonstrations include Engel, Zhafir, Sumitomo, Piovan, Topstar, Matsui, and Monitor, among others.

Design x Innovation to bring inspirations on CMF

Design x Innovation.Industrial design continues to be a popular topic at CHINAPLAS. For this year, the organizer joins forces with the Guangzhou Industrial Design Association to present the Design x Innovation event, which comprises three parts: “CMF Inspiration Walls”, “Design Forum” and “CHINAPLAS Designers’ Night”.

As in last year, the CMF Inspiration Walls reveals some of the emerging technologies being developed to advance CMF (Color, Materials and Finish) design for plastics. Covestro and Springfield-CMF are the repeat sponsors of this event. Meanwhile, PolyOne also participates for the first time.

CMF Inspiration Walls displays samples treated with DOD (Differential pressure Overlay Decoration) technology by Springfield-CMF. DOD is a process to stretch, laminate or transfer functional decorative coatings on different materials, including plastic, metal, wood, glass, or hybrid substrates. The coatings are printed with color, pattern and also can be embossed with different textures, special functions like soft touch and lighting effects. 

For PolyOne, Geon FX Metal Compounds are introduced. These compounds are characterized by uniform metallic color effects in high gloss or matte appearance, flame resistance without additives, and cost savings by eliminating secondary operations such as painting, etc.

Meanwhile, Covestro showcases the Maezio Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites which are extremely light and strong with a metallic effect. They can be reground and used in an injection molding process for chopped fiber composite materials, making them a sustainable material choice in an increasingly disposable world

This year’s Design Forum is located in two places and fashioned around two themes: “CMF Design”, a popular theme from last year, and "Design for Recycling & Sustainability” in response to the show’s focus on green technology. Audience can get inspirations from award-winning product designs, leaders of renowned design institutes and representatives from enterprises.

There is a new highlight of the event this year - the CHINAPLAS Designers’ Night. The event serves as a networking activity for the plastics and E&E appliances industries. Design masters from China, Asia and Europe will share their design and innovation experience of hot products. Innovative Design Display Corner will also be set up to display creative design works, including awarded design works of Guangdong Governor Cup Industrial Design Competition.

Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future

Manufacturing Intelligence Control Room

Venue: Opposite to Hall 4.2 Entrance, Zone A

Smart Factory

Venue: Booth 4.2D01 in Zone A


Demonstration of 10 scenarios of industry 4.0 solutions for covering production shop floor, management and supply chain at 10:00-16:30 every show day

Design x Innovation

CMF Inspiration Walls

Venue: Opposite to Hall 10.3 Entrance, Zone B

Design Forum

Theme 1: CMF Design

Date: May 22 (14:00-17:00) & May 23 (09:45-12:15)

Venue: Booth 11.3R21 in Zone B


Theme 2: Design for Recycling & Sustainability

Date: May 22 (09:45-12:15)

Venue: Outside Hall 4.1 on Pearl Promenade, Zone A 


Medical Plastics Connect pinpoints unique technologies

As the medical plastics market continues to grow and develop, the CHINAPLAS concurrent event Medical Plastics Connect actively promotes medical-grade chemicals, raw materials, and equipment, establishing an efficient communication platform for medical devices, consumables, and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers.

With more exhibitors expanding into the medical sector, the event is growing in scale and aims to show potential buyers the use of unique medical plastics technologies.

Medical Plastics Connect comprises “Medical Plastics Forum”, “Pop-up Kiosk”, “Medical Plastics Guidebook” and “Medical Plastics Guided Tour”.

The Medical Plastics Forum, which has earned good reputation, continues to improve, covering a number of technologies and end products that are in demand, including biocompatible materials, polymer materials for medical consumables, innovative self-lubricating liquid silicone rubber, polyurethane products for high-risk medical devices, ultrasonic welding, 3D printing, and more.

International experts have been invited to share their valuable knowledge and experiences, and confirmed speakers come from both supplier and end user segments of the supply chain, including Lubizol, Momentive, PolyOne, Lehvoss, Branson, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

Meanwhile, the medical plastics product Pop-up Kiosk is staged to display exhibitors’ latest medical product offering of all types, so that potential buyers can quickly spot their targets among the vast amount of exhibits.

Tech Talk returns with refined major themes

Tech Talk.Tech Talk, celebrating its third year, has become a core part of CHINAPLAS.

Through collaborating with renowned exhibitors, such as DuPont, Lanxess, ExxonMobil, Ascend, KraussMaffei, Liansu and Jwell, Tech Talk unveils a wide array of new technologies and applications for different sectors, including automotive, E&E, construction, medical, packaging, etc. To delve deeper into different plastics applications, topics are refined to include 11 major themes.

The event not only presents major technological breakthroughs of participating companies, but also provides a platform for industry professionals to better understand the challenges currently facing the plastics and rubber industries.

Medical Plastics Connect

Medical Plastics Forum

Date: May 21 (13:00-16:00); Outside Hall 4.1 on Pearl Promenade, Zone A

         May 22 (10:00-12:15); Booth 11.3R21 in Zone B

         May 23 (09:30-12:00); Meeting Room 8 South, Level B, Zone B


Medical Plastics Pop-up Kiosk

Venue: Zone A & Zone B Pearl Promenade

Tech Talk

Date: May 21-23, 2019

Venue:     Outside Hall 4.1 on Pearl Promenade, Zone A; Booth 11.3R21 in Zone B

Language: Putonghua

Admission: Free of charge


May 21 13:00-16:00

Outside Hall 4.1 on Pearl Promenade, Zone A: Medical Plastics

Booth 11.3R21 in Zone B: New Energy Vehicle, TPE for Automobile


May 22    10:00-12:15

Booth 11.3R21 in Zone B: Medical Plastics


May 22 13:00-16:00

Outside Hall 4.1 on Pearl Promenade, Zone A: 3D Printing, Long Fiber Injection Molding, Hip Lifestyle with Plastics


May 23 13:00-16:00            

Booth 11.3R21 in Zone B: Bioplastics, Composites & High Performance Materials, Antibacterial Solutions


May 23 10:00-13:30

Outside Hall 4.1 on Pearl Promenade, Zone A: In-mould Labeling, Precision Extrusion, Packaging Upgrade Solutions

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