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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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CHINAPLAS 2019 opened yesterday, offering a grand platform for global plastics and rubber technologies.
CHINAPLAS 2019 opened yesterday, offering a grand platform for global plastics and rubber technologies.

CHINAPLAS 2019 has moved into the second day. Crowds of visitors flooded the 28 exhibition halls yesterday, enjoying the technology feast offered by the renowned mega show of the plastics and rubber industries.

Thanks to their high-performance properties, plastics are gaining wider applications in different sectors, yet opportunities do come with challenges, as producers and consumers require higher efficiency, quality and sustainability.

On such an efficient platform for showcase and sourcing in the industries, a wide spectrum of products and solutions, from machines to systems and materials, is presented at the fairground. Many of them are the latest high-tech inventions making their debut in China, Asia or globally.

Fruitful concurrent events

The concurrent events on the first day were successfully held with fruitful results. The live demonstrations of smart manufacturing, CMF inspiration walls, medical plastics showcase and technical forums were all crowd-pulling activities.

Let’s waste no time and check out some of the exciting exhibit debuts and highlights this year, and don¡¯t forget to take part in the events and forums scheduled for today!

Smart manufacturing and 3D technologies on the fast lane

Industry 4.0 is now a widespread goal among enterprises in the plastics and rubber industries, and therefore, elite manufacturers are rolling out their latest smart manufacturing technologies, which are practical solutions freshly installed in high-tech factories around the world.

Arburg, for example, has made digitalization transformation the theme of its participation in CHINAPLAS 2019.

Apart from production efficiency enhancements, digitization also facilitates personalized customer service to improve user experience. At its company booth, Arburg presents the Chinese version of its new customer portal, which uses a cloud-based solution with various functions, such as checking important information of machines and ordering spare parts, etc.

Italian manufacturer Moretto shows its devices that contain an Industry 4.0 dimension. The company assures that equipment and software can be interconnected, so that constantly refreshed data are always available for achieving high efficiency.

Moretto offers its MOWIS supervising and management system, in which devices are interconnected to facilitate the total control of the entire automation chain in plastics processing plants. At its booth, the displayed exhibits are connected with the MOWIS.

Apart from Industry 4.0, the emerging 3D technologies also play a crucial role in the digitalization of manufacturing. For this reason, the scale of the 3D Technology Zone at CHINAPLAS continues to grow, with more exhibitors presenting their latest solutions in this designated area this year.

For instance, Autodesk showcases the 3D modeling software, Moldflow 2020. Moldflow injection molding analysis software helps users validate and improve plastic part design, injection mold design, and injection molding processes by predicting the procedures, mold temperature and resulted warpage. Results of the analysis can be shared with other parties along the supply chain to achieve smooth collaboration.
The live demonstrations of Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future attracted crowds of visitors.
The 3D printing technologies, in particular, have been rapidly developed. LEHVOSS shows its new developments in the fields of high-temperature-resistant and reinforced materials, alongside the display of some new applications in 3D printing, including a sailing yacht, technical parts in automobile construction and mechanical engineering. The new tailor-made plastics from product lines LUVOSINT and LUVOCOM 3F are also presented.

CHINAPLAS boosts the promotion of Industry 4.0 by organizing the concurrent event, Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future, in which injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment builders and control systems suppliers share their experiences and demonstrate the operation of a smart factory.

The live demonstration yesterday attracted crowds of visitors who are eager to understand the practical operation of smart factory. The operators at the scene explained in detail how control systems connect remote shop floors with smooth data transfer. The event will last till the end of the show, so make sure you go to check it out!

Automotive manufacturing: cutting-edge technologies under spotlight
The concept EVs showcased by BASF are eye catchers of the show.
The rapid emergence of electric, intelligent and networked vehicles is revolutionizing the automotive sector. At CHINAPLAS 2019, a series of high-tech solutions for this evolving sector are being shown, including materials and production technologies for interiors and exteriors of vehicles.

The AKXY concept electric vehicle (EV) presented by Asahi Kasei catches the eyes of many visitors. The AKXY, meaning “Asahi Kasei x You (customers)”, was designed based on the platform of EV manufacturer GLM. The concept EV uses a wide variety of Asahi Kasei materials, products and integrated systems, numbering 27 products in all. Most of them are available for adoption in mass-produced vehicles, such as engineering plastics to replace metal and enable weight reduction.

The two-seat concept EVs developed by BASF in collaboration with the Research and Development Center of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd. are  attractions as well. These models adopt several of BASF’s innovative materials and solutions, have a futuristic design, and are tailor-made for Chinese car owners with diversified lifestyles.

The adoption of more intelligent networks is changing the very nature of automotive interiors, posing higher aesthetic and functional requirements, which encompass a combination of conventional accessories and electronic parts.

Graphene is one of the best conductive materials available, yet manufacturing challenges remain, such as ensuring even dispersion when the graphene is mixed with polymers. At the show, some exhibitors present their approaches to solve this problem.

Wuxi JuWang Plastic Material Co., Ltd. has made a technological breakthrough regarding the conductivity of graphene in polymer materials, by which the original properties of the polymer can be maintained while good conductivity is achieved.

The Graphene Polymer Composites R&D Center of Shandong Lutai Holding Group has developed an advanced graphene/PVC composite, in which graphene is grafted to the surface of PVC resin, achieving dispersion on the nanoscale for improved conductivity.

Another challenge faced by the automotive sector is how to seamlessly integrate electronic components into surface decorative parts. Kurz Group has put forward a solution which uses its In-Mold Decoration (IMD) films and transparent, conductive PolyTC films to produce exquisite and metallic-looking touchscreens that can be hidden when they are in standby mode.

For production technologies of exteriors, ENGEL demonstrates how its integrated solution can contribute to cost-effective production of sophisticated LED lenses. Lenses for LED headlamps with a highly demanding geometry are produced on a tie-bar-less ENGEL e-victory injection molding machine, with an integrated ENGEL viper 40 linear robot, in a two-cavity mould by ACH-Solution.

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.’s ReactPro+Hybrid Manufacture System cleverly combines polyurethane (PU) and injection molding materials, improving productivity with a one-shot process. The system can produce thinner PU products at a lower cost, and those components have better appearance and touch, higher scratch resistance, and even some self-healing properties.

Innovative solutions for new energy vehicles and lightweighting were also discussed in the concurrent event Tech Talk held yesterday. TEDERIC Machinery Co., Ltd. discussed the developments of large tonnage multi-component injection molding technology and their impacts on automotive structural parts production. COPERION also shared how its extrusion technology can benefit the production of lithium-ion battery.

Meanwhile, LANXESS introduced its engineering plastics solutions for innovative and sustainable new mobility, and KRAIBURG TPE unveiled its innovations for the automotive sector.

High-tech medical plastics unlock market potential
The Medical Plastics Forum discussed hot technology and market trends.
As the medical plastics market continues to grow and develop, more key suppliers of silicone rubber, bio-safe resins and new polymers that offer high-grade properties and biocompatibility are on show, reflecting the market potential.

The ViviOn Cyclic Block Copolymers (CBCs) from USI Corporation are fully hydrogenated polymers based on styrene and conjugated dienes manufactured via anionic polymerization. They are applicable in optical, medical, bio-diagnostic, food container, deep ultraviolet (UVC), electronic products, etc.

These novel CBCs are medical grade plastics which have superb purity, superior UV-Vis transmittance, remarkable thermal stability, excellent UV durability, high chemical resistance, low water absorption and low density. They passed US Pharmacopeia<88> Class VI and <661>, as well as JP Pharmacopeia 7.02, and selected chapters of ISO10993 biocompatibility. They are also registered in the FDA Type III Drug Master File.

Supported by advancements in injection molding technology, the use of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) has been increasingly popular in recent years, with medical being one of the notably applications.

At CHINAPLAS 2019, Haitian International shows its ZHAFIR electrical LSR injection molding technology. The ZHAFIR LSR system based on full-electric injection molding technology not only provides high-precision single-component LSR products, but also ensures the precision of high-quality embedded parts or multi-component self-adhesive products.

The special designed injection improves the qualified rate of self-adhesive, while the system can prevent surface burns, bubbles and flash of products which are easy to appear in the process of LSR forming.

At the same time, Foshan Yuen Gen Plastic Extrusion Machinery Factory debuts its whole stainless steel precise extrusion line for medical tubes production. As introduced, the new line’s production speed is increased by 30% and realizes fully digital control with simpler operation. It uses a closed-loop automatic control to achieve correction of product error.

The Medical Plastics Forum has proved insightful yesterday. Participated by experts from leading suppliers, the forum discussed technology and market trends along with hot topics in the medical sector.

Visitors can also check out the Medical Plastics Pop-up Kiosk, which highlights selected medical products offered by exhibitors.

Innovative materials sought after in greener construction market

The booming construction industries in China, India and Southeast Asia are expected to boost the share of Asia Pacific in the global building and construction plastics market owing to increasing urbanization.

Meanwhile, plastic materials are enjoying increasingly extensive applications due to its high-performance and sustainable properties, as reflected in over 10 million tons of plastics consumed worldwide in the construction industry every year.

At CHINAPLAS, Jiangsu Top Polymer Enterprise Ltd introduces its Topolymer 9 series, which is heat-stabilized PP/EPDM based thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV). The series can be widely used in various applications including construction seals and other parts where softness and conformity are needed. The products are designed for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. They are completely recyclable.

Lubrizol’s Pearlbond 700 series breaks the barriers in the TPU adhesive market. It offers the benefits of high bonding strength to rigid substrates, chemical resistance, wash- and hydrolysis resistance and improved vibration absorption. The cycle time is short thanks to the fast crystallization rate. The series has many applications, including building and construction.

As for production lines, Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd world premieres its automatic large capacity SPC flooring extrusion line. The advanced system features the advantages of stable running control system, energy saving and environmentally friendly. With capacity of about 1.5T/H, the whole line adopts the international first-class level of safety protection. The full set of electrics is made with SIEMENS.

Multifaceted forums inspire visitors

A series of forums at the show continues to shed lights on current trends in different sectors. For example, in the Tech Talk being held today in the afternoon, 3D Printing, Hip Lifestyle with Plastics and Long Fiber Injection Molding are the main focuses.

NatureWorks is to introduce the biomaterial solutions for 3D printing. In order to demonstrate the wider applications of plastics in daily lives, Huntsman presents the application of polyurethane (PU) for footwear.

In the area of long fiber injection molding, KraussMaffei is to explain the one-stop process combining mixing and injection molding, while Nordson will share cases showing solutions for long glass fibers, among others.

At the Medical Plastics Forum, Momentive is to present “Innovated Self-Lubricated LSR and The Advantage in Needle-free Access Valve”, while LEHVOSS will discuss the topic of “LUVOCOM High-Performance Compounds in Medical Technology”. PolyOne will introduce polymer solutions for medical consumables, and Lubrizol will present its medical TPU for high-risk medical device applications.

Last but not least, the much-anticipated Design Forum is to kick off today. In addition to presenting new ideas of CMF design, the forum also provides an opportunity for participants to gain insights on the current design trends of plastics recycling and sustainability. A new networking activity, CHINAPLAS Designers’ Night, will also be held at Langham Place Guangzhou tonight.

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