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The 27th Printing South China/ Sino-Label will return in March 2020.
The 27th Printing South China/ Sino-Label will return in March 2020.
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The 27th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry and The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2020 (Printing South China/ Sino-Label 2020) will return together with Sino-Pack and PACKINNO on 4-6 March 2020at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou.

The fairs will be expanded with an area of 120,000sqm. There will be new theme zones and exhibits that cover the entire value chain of printing, labeling, packaging, materials and packaging products.

Six theme zones at Printing South China Going Smart & Green

Integrating resources from smart packaging, the Smart Packaging Printing Zone will display leading automatic and intelligent technologies and solutions. A range of flexographic equipment and green printing materials will be showcased at Green Flexo Printing Zone to meet environmental needs. With the popularity of corrugated cardboards, Corrugated Packaging Zone will feature innovative equipment and technologies, providing visitors with more diversified and economical products. The Specialty Paper & Packaging Materials Zone, newly launched in 2019, keeps abreast of the development trends and facilitates buyers to find advanced, green and innovative packaging materials that can meet the needs of customization.

Printing South China 2020 will establish a brand-new Flexible Packaging Printing Zone, where visitors can enjoy technological innovation and cost-saving benefit from flexible packaging equipment, consumables and services. Paper containers will play an essential role in future because European Union is going to forbid the use of plastic disposable cutlery. In the Paper Container Equipment Zone, various suppliers of paper container materials and equipment will provide modern technologies and solutions.

A rich variety of printing facilities will be exhibited, including pre-press systems, equipment for gravure printing, digital printing, screen printing, offset printing, flexo printing and other printing, post-press processing equipment, etc. At this one-stop trading platform, renowned exhibitors such as Guowang, Jinbao, Zhongke, Horda, YOCO, Wenhong, CRON, RISO, Uanchor, Shanhe, Dayuan, Zhengrun, Degang, Hongming, Kangdexin, Zihong, Juguo (in no particular order) will be present.

Four Highlights at Sino-Label

The fairs will gather leading enterprises under the same roof to build a one stop platform.As a trendsetting fair in the industry, Sino-Label stays ahead in the development of digital, green and intelligent trends and provides stakeholders with remarkable label printing solutions.

Sino-Label 2020 will feature four highlighted areas:

Environmental Flexo Technology Zone helps end-use sectors achieve green packaging with label solutions that are environmentally friendly, high-tech and innovative.

Green Label Materials Zone features advanced label production process, which facilitates enterprises to create market-leading products at lower cost and increase competitiveness.

Digital Label Zone gathers leading digital printers to showcase new digital label solutions for small run and personalized production.

RFID Smart Label Zone showcases RFID technology that is widely adopted now on smart packaging in almost every industry, including electronics, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and daily necessities. The zone will connect outstanding suppliers to showcase the latest RFID technologies and help enterprises with their transition to smart packaging.

Notable exhibitors of Sino-Label 2020 will include Taiyo Kikai, Weigang, Zhongte, Zhongjing, United Printing, Zhongshan Fuzhou, Antac, SCREEN, Founder, Epson, Brotech, Chili, Zhilian, Dowell, Winbosc, Labellong, Haotian, etc (in no particular order).

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