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Brückner Maschinenbau is working on a means to make films with the highest possible recycling capabilities producible on film stretching lines.
Brückner Maschinenbau is working on a means to make films with the highest possible recycling capabilities producible on film stretching lines.

Brückner Maschinenbau, a member of the Brückner Group, is working on a means to make films with the highest possible recycling capabilities producible on film stretching lines. The focus is on mono-material film with superior mechanical and optical properties.

These are ideal for the use in new, single-origin packaging and guarantee good sortibility in waste separation and optimal recycling.

Combination of BOPE and BOPP production

For the K 2019, Brückner will introduce two completely new line concepts for the production of BOPE films. Film producers can chose between a working width of 6.6 m and an output of 3t/h, or a working width of 8.7 m and an output of 5t/h. These are 5 layer concepts for an extended range of films.

The new lines also have the flexibility to produce BOPP films: Specialities such as UHB films and coated films for high-barrier uses alongside conventional packaging film.

As the demand for innovative BOPE films is only now starting to develop, film producers will be able to react swiftly and flexibly to market trends.

New inline coater
Michael Baumesister, COO (Technology & Logistics) at Brückner Maschinenbau, was introducing the technical innovations.
Even if recycling stands at the forefront of a circular economy, new mono-material structures must fulfill the highest demands and must not be inferior to previous packaging films. This is why Brückner has developed a new inline coater for all BOPP and BOPE lines, installed in the line before the transversal stretching, which makes the production of extremely thin functional layers within the nano-range possible.

Due to the extreme thinness, the layers don’t disrupt the sorting and recycling, but cater, for example, for an improved adherence during metallising and excellent barriers in combination with the equally thin but effective aluminium oxide coating.

Speciality film lines

Alongside stretching lines for the production of packaging films, machines for speciality films are becoming more important in Brückner’s portfolio. The company will be presenting various innovations for the K 2019:

  • New high-temperature concept for BOPP capacitor film for the use in electrical components installed near motors
  • Lines for the production of stone paper based on BOPP or BOPE with a calcium carbonate proportion of over 60%
  • BOPET films for optical applications. Brückner’s new, patent pending Relax System ensures homogenous film properties and thus high film quality and better processability
  • BOPI is perfect for flexible optical applications, e.g. flexible displays. The stretching ovens and systems need to be suitable for very high temperatures of up to 400°C, is in Brückner’s new line concepts.

Battery separator films

Battery separator film production line.
In the field of battery separator film for lithium-ion batteries, Brückner will be presenting at the K 2019: 

  • Optimised simultaneous LISIM technology
  • Newly developed and patented relax chain for improved film properties in regard to battery safety
  • 5.5 m line width – globally unique for higher efficiency
  • Continued development of its own patented production process, the EVAPORE process, offering a more environmentally friendly alternative for the production of membrane films

Brückner ONE: New digital services for film production

Meanwhile, Brückner Servtec, another member of the Brückner Group, will present the new enhanced “Brückner ONE” digital service products with modules for service requests, spare parts inquiries, communication and line documentation.

As introduced, Brückner ONE is a digital platform for film production. Its service products open the future for intelligent film production, and feature a Secured Remote Access to the line for highest data security.
Markus Gschwandtner, Managing Director and CEO at Brückner Servtec, was talking about the new Brückner ONE modules.
For quick and flexible troubleshooting, the Brückner ONE Support module offers an advanced support handling system for technical service requests. It is also available as an app for mobile devices. The customer submits a service request and tracks its status online.

The Brückner ONE Parts module allows a rapid and simple identification and inquiry of film stretching line spare parts. Necessary spare parts are easily determined in the online spare parts catalogue with its drawing, description or number, sent to the online basket and forwarded as an inquiry to Brückner.

Brückner ONE Com allows the most flexible interaction between the Brückner service team and the customer. It is a module using tools such as chat, video and whiteboarding. The customer can also use the app version of the module. It also supports the usage of smart glasses or other video devices.

The Brückner ONE Docu provides paperless and simple-to-use online technical line documentation. Thus, the customer has all relevant information at their fingertips when performing services along the production line.

In order to enhance the service portfolio, Brückner Servtec is continuously working on further developments of the Brückner ONE modules.

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