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Polyurethane pultrusion composite for energy efficient windows.
Polyurethane pultrusion composite for energy efficient windows.

Materials manufacturer Covestro has developed customized Baydur polyurethane pultrusion window solutions as part of a future buildings program initiated by the China Academy of Building Research, in response to the Chinese government’s call for residential buildings to incorporate greater energy saving measures.

The “Experimental Platform for Energy and Environment of Future Residential Buildings” program aims to lead China’s future building technologies to ultra-low, near zero and zero energy consumption. Covestro has developed its energy saving solutions in collaboration with its partners Zhejiang Deyilong Technology Co., Ltd. and Gretsch-Unitas Group from Germany.

Regulations enforced by China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development have placed increasingly stringent energy and emission requirements on residential buildings across China. These measures, which necessitate the need to develop innovative low energy solutions to realize environmental sustainability have become the development focus of China’s residential building industry.

 Innovative energy efficient window solutions are in high demand in China where energy efficiency standards for buildings are becoming increasingly stringent,” said Dr. Irene Li, Head of R&D in Asia Pacific, Business Unit Polyurethanes at Covestro. “With our global R&D capabilities and by collaborating with our partners, Covestro is committed to providing excellent and cost-effective solutions for the window industry.”

Improved window performance with innovative polyurethanes

The Baydur polyurethane pultrusion windows developed for the “Future Buildings” project consists of a continuous fiberglass reinforced polyurethane composite with an eco-friendly waterborne polyurethane coating.

The composite, which features alkali-free fiberglass as the reinforcing material and polyurethane resin as the matrix resin, is formed by a closed-mold injection and pultrusion process. This component of the glass provides the material’s thermal insulation, load-carrying and fire resistance properties.

A waterborne polyurethane coating, applied to the surface of the composite profile, not only provides additional protection but also provides the opportunity to customize appearance via a range of colors and designs.

Covestro, together with partners, has produced three different window solutions based on these materials to address the energy and environmental requirements of the Future Buildings program.

Meanwhile, the latest-generation eco-friendly waterborne polyurethane coatings developed by Covestro offer excellent resistance to weathering, UV exposure and aging. In addition, waterborne coatings possess excellent adhesion to glass fiber reinforced polyurethane substrates and effectively improve the smoothness of the substrate surface. Such substrates can also be widely customized, satisfying diverse requirements of surface decoration design, including metallic and matt effects or solid colors.

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