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NXT:GRAN recycling line for post-industrial plastic waste.
NXT:GRAN recycling line for post-industrial plastic waste.

The renowned S:GRAN recycling machine series from Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR) will be replaced by the new NXT:GRAN series which was presented as world premiere at K 2019.

The revolutionary design of the new machine gives up to 40% higher throughput rate with lower energy consumption, simplified control and operation, and updated safety concepts. It features increased functionality for materials of different forms and different types.

For over two decades, S:GRAN has been used to handle post-industrial plastic waste. Equipped with a large shredder, a feeder and an extruder, it repalletizes internal scrap for seamless re-use in the primary production process - as with virgin material.
NXT:GRAN is a redesigned version of the S:GRAN with the same shredder-feeder-extruder combination concept.
“The S:GRAN was the first shredder-feeder-extruder machine introduced by NGR. NXT:GRAN is a redesigned version. While the original concept of shredder-feeder-extruder combination remains, every function of the new machine has been rethought,” explained Patrick Steinwendner, Product Manager and Marketing Manager at NGR.

As he said, every part of the machine was redesigned with ease of operation in mind. The entire machine has been redesigned in a way that each single piece, each single screw that an operator must manipulate can be fully accessed.

The new machine is equipped with very simple opening mechanisms as well, Patrick Steinwendner added. For example, the cutting house can be easily opened for people who need to step in to do some maintenance work.

Patrick Steinwendner, Product Manager and Marketing Manager at NGR.What remains is the automatic STARTSTOP function, which readies the system for operation in only a few minutes and does not require any supervision when stopping. A new safety feature, the “sliding hopper”, removes the confined space requirement and makes the NXT:GRAN the safest recycling machine available.

“The still revolutionary concept of the shredder-feeder-extruder combination could be retained with its advantages, but despite all the evolutionary steps over the years, we had to rethink the machine concept from scratch and separate ourselves from established paths in order to make substantial progress in machine development,” remarked Ing. Thomas Pichler, Technical Director and co-owner of NGR.

The S:GRAN began production in 1996, and has since achieved the successful installation of over 1,000 units.

C:GRAN post-consumer recycling machine series expanded

For post-consumer recycling, the NGR C:GRAN series of cutter-compactor-extruder machine has been extended to machines for outputs of 2,200 kg/h and over. This expansion follows the market trend of increasing plastic recycling quantities and modernization of recycling plants to satisfy the increased demand for high-quality rPellets.
C:GRAN recycling line for post-consumer plastic waste.
“We recommend shredder-feeder-extruder combinations, especially for dry industrial waste. But for high moisture mixed plastics from the post-consumer waste stream, cutter-compactor-extruder combinations offer advantages,” explained Patrick Steinwendner.

The inline measurement of the most important plastic properties offers the rPellets manufacturer the possibility to determine the quality of the plastic melt already during the recycling process and to initiate appropriate sorting measures or additive feeds immediately.

The automated quality recording of MFI, mechanical and optical properties (colour, polymer defects) and polymer recognition create the necessary confidence in the rPellets processor and provide information on the quality level via data acquisition to compare to the preliminary processes.

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