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injection mold 
To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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KRAIBURG TPE showcased solutions for medical applications.
KRAIBURG TPE showcased solutions for medical applications.
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At K 2019, KRAIBURG TPE showcases a wide range of TPE solutions, including latest products for medical applications in composites with polyamides.

VDI 2017-compliant TPE with PA adhesion

With its new MC/AD/PA THERMOLAST M series, KRAIBURG TPE launched one of the first thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) that not only hold certifications for healthcare applications in accordance with EU and FDA standards but can also be combined directly with polyamides (PA).

As international regulations for medical-grade plastics (MGPs) have become more and more strict, manufacturers of products for medical devices and healthcare are increasingly looking for opportunities to strengthen their competitive edge by solutions that both comply with the regulations and are aesthetically pleasing.

A representative example is the manufacture of multicomponent applications that saves mounting time by combining a “hard” polymer with a “soft-touch” TPE using direct injection molding (without bonding agents).

The MGP-compliant TPE compounds that have been available in the market so far do not provide adhesion to polyamides and thus cannot be used for many sophisticated applications.

KRAIBURG TPE’s new MC/AD/PA THERMOLAST M series closes this gap. The compounds are fully certified and suitable for a variety of attractive medical devices, including those used for in vitro diagnostics.

High weather resistance and adhesion to technical plastics

KRAIBURG TPE has extended its portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) by additional efficient compounds. The four new THERMOLAST K types are primarily suited for sophisticated hard-soft composite components with high requirements in relation to surface quality and permanent weather resistance.

As introduced, the new materials address the increased requirements for exterior vehicle components. The hardness grades of the TC5MUZ, TC6MUZ, TC7MUZ and TC8MUZ types range from 55 to 85 Shore A. The compounds’ increased weather resistance was proven by tests involving simulation of two year-cycles of sun exposure in accordance with the PV 3930 (Florida conditions) and PV 3929 (Kalahari conditions) Volkswagen standards.

All four products have shown excellent peeling resistance in hard-soft combinations with ASA, ABS, PMMA, and PC during tests in accordance with the VDI 2019 standard.

The products even maintain their outstanding adhesion after hot-air aging. What is unique in the TPE market is the new products’ performance that combines weather resistance and adhesion to ASA and PMMA.

The combination of these characteristics makes the new TPE compounds from KRAIBURG TPE such unique materials on the market. They were particularly developed for use in the construction of vehicles, and their quality makes them ideal for applications such as polycarbonate window encapsulations and pillar covers. Other target applications include frames, door sill panels, side mirror mountings, and brake light frames.

To be more sustainable and resource-saving

KRAIBURG TPE is working towards the direction of being more sustainable and resource-saving, according to Andreas Pawel, Head of Marketing, KRAIBURG TPE.

As said, KRAIBURG TPE supplies recyclable TPE with bio-based raw material proportions of up to 90%. During production, current initiatives include:

  • Reducing water consumption and energy consumption
  • Increasing emission-free power generation by means of photovoltaics
  • Reducing gas consumption by using waste heat from production process
  • Using recyclable packaging material for raw material
  • Integrating recycling processes in the production process

For more latest product information of the company, please read:

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