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KRAIBURG TPE sees tremendous potential for custom-engineered TPEs with adjustable proportions of renewable raw materials of up to 90%.
KRAIBURG TPE sees tremendous potential for custom-engineered TPEs with adjustable proportions of renewable raw materials of up to 90%.
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KRAIBURG TPE is starting an ambitious campaign to develop custom-engineered thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) containing variable proportions of renewable raw materials.

By developing customer-specific and application-specific compounds using renewable raw materials, KRAIBURG TPE is aiming to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable TPEs.

In close contact with its customers and with a reliable network of raw materials suppliers, the company is benefiting from its core competence in custom engineered TPEs based on both existing and new, innovative formulations.

KRAIBURG TPE has therefore opted for a basically customer-specific approach. In its Code of Conduct, KRAIBURG TPE has committed itself to sustainable business operations and to protecting the soil, water, air and biological diversity. Environmentally harmful impacts are to be prevented by appropriate environmental protection measures, and resources are to be conserved.

Based on this principle, KRAIBURG TPE’s modular system makes it possible to develop customer-specific materials with different proportions of renewable raw materials. Typical performance characteristics that are also relevant here include mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation, as well as processability, heat resistance and adhesion to ABS/PC or PP and PE, for example.

The requirements are determined in close collaboration with each customer and translated into a sustainable and cost-effective solution by our developers.

In classical approaches, it is technically possible to produce bio-based materials with very high proportions of renewable raw materials. However, materials of this kind usually suffer from very high raw materials costs, while providing only very limited mechanical properties. But the modular system has now enabled KRAIBURG TPE to resolve this contradiction almost completely by following a new, innovative approach beside the classical one.

Part of the challenge involves taking into account the environmental balance of the materials’ whole life cycles, including their impact on ecosystems and people’s health,” emphasized CEO Franz Hinterecker from KRAIBURG TPE.

“It has also become apparent that what our customers expect from the properties of ‘biomaterials’ varies widely depending on the application – while at the same time we have to meet strict criteria regarding the materials’ conformity and performance.”

The initial pilot projects based on the classical approach are showing a trend towards bio-based, certifiable proportions of 20% and more. Their potential use extends to all TPE applications in the consumer, industry and automotive markets. Examples range from toothbrushes and hypoallergenic elastic watch straps to fender gaskets.

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