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Primary plastics machinery shipments in North America. (Source: PLASTICS)
Primary plastics machinery shipments in North America. (Source: PLASTICS)

The shipments value of primary plastics machinery (injection molding and extrusion) shipments in North America decreased marginally in the third quarter, according to the statistics compiled and reported by the Plastics Industry Association’s (PLASTICS) Committee on Equipment Statistics (CES).

Extruder shipments rose, IMM shipments fell

The preliminary estimate of shipments value from reporting companies totaled US$293.7 million. Plastics machinery shipments fell by 0.5% in the third quarter, following an 8.2% increase in the second quarter.

While total shipments decreased, extrusion machinery increased in the third quarter, single- and twin-screw extruder shipments rose 5.3% and 13.9%, respectively. The shipments of injection molding machinery (IMM) fell 1.9%.

While it appears that shipments flattened from the previous quarter, they were down 15.9% from a year ago. The shipments value of twin-screw extruders fell markedly by 29.3% and single-screw extruders decreased 5.6%. IMM shipments value was down 15.5% from the third quarter last year.

The plastics industry is a mature industry and its growth will continue to track gross domestic product (GDP),” said Perc Pineda, PhD, chief economist of PLASTICS. “The third quarter numbers moving sideways are in sync with weaker manufacturing activity in the economy this year.”

Majority expects market to be steady-to-better

The CES also conducts a quarterly survey of plastics machinery suppliers that asks about present market conditions and expectations for the future. In the coming quarter, 39% of respondents expect conditions to either improve or hold steady—lower than the 56% that felt similarly in the previous quarter.

As for the next 12 months, 63% expect market conditions to be steady-to-better, up from 53% in the previous quarter’s survey.

Exports to China declined due to trade environment impact

The current international trade environment continues to impact plastics machinery trade. Exports of plastics machinery totaled US$378.4 in the third quarter—a 0.1% decrease from the second quarter. Mexico, Canada, and Germany remained the largest US export markets. The combined exports to these countries represented 48% of US plastics machinery exports in the third quarter.

China was the fourth largest market in the third quarter with plastics machinery exports totaling US$22.2 million, which was 27.6% lower than the second quarter. While the noise on Brexit and the uncertainty on its resolution continue, the UK remained one of the top ten export markets of plastics machinery in the third quarter.

Imports of plastics machinery decreased 0.9% in third quarter to US$785.7 million. Lower exports and imports have caused the plastics machinery trade deficit to decrease by 1.7%.

The challenges and concerns of the business sector of the economy today, and plastics industry is no exception, are largely driven first by external factors feeding into the US which is largely an open economy. It is safe to say, that it is unlikely that the ongoing trade disputes will be resolved this year,” Pineda added.

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