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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Davis-Standard, LLC exceeded expectations at K 2019, reporting sales of over $17 million USD during the show. The new orders represent the full spectrum of Davis-Standard product lines, including orders for pipe and tube systems, blown film systems and coating and lamination systems. Davis-Standard also came away with several developing projects for upgrades to several existing lines. The company’s commitment to sustainable processing, waste reduction and use of alternate polymers was apparent throughout the show.

This was the first time Davis-Standard exhibited at K with the newest members of its global brand, Maillefer, Brampton Engineering and Thermoforming Systems LLC (TSL). Each has added a new dimension to Davis-Standard’s robust line of equipment and aftermarket services. ER-WE-PA™, Davis-Standard’s German subsidiary, also announced its “Fit-4-Future” to better support customers worldwide. ER-WE-PA™ will focus on being the product line leader for aseptic packaging machinery within the Davis-Standard organization, while also offering winding systems (winding and unwinding), liquid and adhesive coating systems and aftermarket capabilities.

Highlights of Davis-Standard’s exhibit included the following:

SMART Technology – Davis-Standard promoted its DS Activ-Check system as well as the Maillefer Bluebox data strategy. Activ-Check demonstrations showed how processors can take advantage of real-time preventative maintenance by receiving early notifications of possible machine failures via email or text. Machine operators are alerted to issues before they happen, reducing unplanned downtime while also collecting valuable data. Key parameters monitored include extruder reducer, lubrication system, motor characteristics, the drive power unit and barrel heating and cooling.

The Maillefer Bluebox is used for high-speed acquisition and storage from all levels. During the show, Maillefer showed the implementation of a smart factory by taking data from various exhibits, including the stand itself, and correlating that data into informative dashboards. The real-time exhibit provided visitors with insight on how Industry 4.0 applies to specific manufacturing environments.

Elastomer Developments – Equipment for both medical and automotive applications was shown. This included silicone technology for producing medical grade silicone tubes, wound drains and catheters as well as elastomer capabilities for manufacturing hydraulic and automotive hoses and automotive seals. The Model 3000A crosshead is an example of this technology. This design reduces scrap and allows faster start-up times. It also offers preferred features such as a tapered mandrel and highly engineered flow paths to ensure consistent flow through all speed ranges, and a thrust bearing on pin adjustment to adjust wall thickness without interruption.

Pipe and Tubing Capabilities – Pipe and tubing applications were well-represented at K. Complete solutions and manufacturing configurations for automotive fuel and vapor tubes, micro-drip irrigation laterals, heating and plumbing pipe, blown fiber micro-duct, medical tubes, offshore flexible pipe, custom pipe and tubing, and wire and cable were promoted.

Extrusion Coating – The new Series 510A extrusion coating die illustrated the advantages of a short lip design and edge bead reduction (EBR) functionality. The die design features an exchangeable lip optimized for specific resin types, a motorized internal and external deckling system for safe operation, an internal die channel for optimal melt flow and deckling adjustment, and an internal rod for edge bead reduction and leakage-free operation.

Blown Film – The combination of Gloucester Engineering, Brampton Engineering and EGAN® brands under the Davis-Standard banner was a highlight in the blown film space. Customers learned about upgrades such as going from a GEC Extrol control system to an ITALYCS® 5. They also learned about the Vector® air ring, which showed how new air control technology can improve the uncorrected film gauge (also called starting gauge) by as much as 60 to 80 percent. The Vector® air ring also provides stable air velocity resulting in consistent cooling to minimize variations in gauge across film width.

Aftermarket Advantages – Davis-Standard’s global aftermarket and technical services were well represented. This included options for increasing productivity, reducing waste and strengthening product quality. Equipment upgrades, replacement parts, global field services, custom engineering, research and technical services, and a 24/7 customer service hotline (844-MYDAVIS) have enabled Davis-Standard to support customer needs in a cost-effective and timely manner. Davis-Standard exhibited examples of readily stocked spare parts and support for heritage brands around the world. The company also shared how customers can improve existing line performance with new feedscrew designs, controls and consulting services. For a complete list of heritage brands visit

According to Davis-Standard President and CEO James Murphy, the show was a huge success. “Our K booth exceeded expectations with productive customer meetings, new sales and promising leads,” said Murphy. “Our brand message ‘Where your ideas take shape’ has resonated with customers as we work to build and promote sustainable solutions that support the circular economy. We anticipate additional business as a result of K in the months ahead.”

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