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Sinopec will continue to adjust production capacity to ensuring sufficient and timely supply for medical and healthcare emergency.
Sinopec will continue to adjust production capacity to ensuring sufficient and timely supply for medical and healthcare emergency.

The plastics industry is stepping up to support China to response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Many international and local plastic materials and machinery enterprises are contributing by medical equipment and monetary donation, as well as increasing production capacity for emergency.

Sinopec to prioritize production of raw materials for medical supplies

Regarding the shortage and increasing price of medical supplies, Sinopec (中国石化) promised the company will not increase the price of raw materials for medical and healthcare supplies during the anti-epidemic period.

Besides, Sinopec will continue to adjust production capacity, prioritizing the production of raw materials for medical and healthcare supplies to ensuring high-quality, sufficient and timely supply.

According to the company, one ton of meltblown fibers can produce about 250,000 medical masks, and one ton of transparent materials can produce about 500,000 medical disposable syringes.

Covestro donates RMB 4 million goggles and thermometers

To support medical staff in the coronavirus outbreak, Covestro has donated 110,000 polycarbonate (PC) goggles and 2,000 thermometers to hospitals in Wuhan and surrounding areas. The total value was about RMB 4 million.

The spokesman of Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd. told CPRJ, the key production facility is operating according to planned schedule, however, employees were also arranged to work at home based on job nature.

The company’s emergency management team is also arranging an emergency purchase of masks, disinfectant and other equipment for protecting the health and safety of staff.

Protective clothing and probiotic products from DuPont to arrive soon

DuPont announced that it will donate 16,000 protective clothing to the severely affected areas through the Chinese Red Cross Foundation to protect medical workers and front-line workers.

At the same time, the company will also donate probiotic products worth more than RMB 800,000 to help regulate and improve the human body's immunity.

The total value of these donated products is more than RMB 2.55 million. They will arrive on February 10-13 and will be deployed by the Chinese Red Cross Foundation to the most needed areas.

In addition, DuPont is stepping up efforts to increase the production capacity of personal protective equipment inside and outside of China, as well as allocating inventory from all over the world to China.

Dow donates RMB 1 million to fight the outbreak

To help fight the outbreak, Dow announced that it has donated RMB 1 million to Shenzhen One Foundation to provide equipmentand services to Wuhan and surrounding areas in Hubei.

Kingfa to start materials production in advance 

To ensure the production and supply of materials for emergency, Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. (金发科技) started the production of special materials for protective and breathable membranes in advance.

After receiving the downstream customers orders, Kingfa urgently shipped 24.8 tons of materials to Wuhan for production of protective clothing. Each ton of materials can produce 13,000 pieces of protective clothing.

In addition, the company's extrusion workshop has started fourproduction lines, each of which produces about 25 tons of special materials for breathable membranes.
Wanhua Chemical has donated RMB 5 million and purchased 10,000 sets of EN14126 medical protective clothing from Europe.
Wanhua Chemical donates RMB 5 million

Wanhua Chemical (万华化学) has donated RMB 5 million to Red Cross Society of China Hubei Branch to purchase necessary equipment for research and protective measures.

With a global platform, Wanhua Chemical is also doing everything to find medical supplies. The company has purchased 10,000 sets of EN14126 medical protective clothing from Europe, which will be donated to the official healthcare committees to support medical workers.

Haitian also donates RMB 5 million

Haitian Group (海天集团) has donated a total amount of RMB 5 million. The company also launched various emergency prevention and control measures in a timely manner.

Through the establishment of a prevention and control leading group, and dynamic control of working hours, etc., the company has ensured the health and safety of employees and prevented the virus from spreading.

Yizumi supports the control work in Shunde

Understanding the shortage of medical supplies, Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (伊之密) immediately decided to donate medical supplies worth RMB 1 million to support the control measures in Shunde where is the base of the Chinese molding equipment manufacturer.

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