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CHINAPLAS 2020 will be postponed to a later date due to coronavirus outbreak concerns.
CHINAPLAS 2020 will be postponed to a later date due to coronavirus outbreak concerns.
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In order to control the coronavirus outbreak in China and in accordance with the instructions issued by the Shanghai city government to stop all large-scale activities, the iconic plastics and rubber industry exhibition CHINAPLAS 2020 will be postponed to a later date, according to the latest announcement from the exhibition organizer, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.

“Health and safety of all show participants are at our top priority therefore we have to make this decision,” the organizer emphasized in the letter to exhibitors and visitors. New dates for the exhibition will be announced at a later time.

Ada Leung, General Manager at Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., told CPRJ in an interview that the organizer is communicating closely with the exhibition center operator and paying close attention to the latest development of the epidemic situation.

“The specific show dates will be announced as soon as possible after confirmation, allowing exhibitors and visitors more time to prepare,” she said.

When deciding the new show dates, one of the considerations is to avoid an overlap with other large exhibitions, Ada Leung unveiled. “At present, the organizer is trying to postpone the exhibition to Q2 or Q3 of this year.”

CHINAPLAS was originally scheduled to take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, in Hongqiao, Shanghai, China on April 21-24, 2020. The exhibition is expected to present 340,000sqm of exhibition space, bring together 3,900+ global exhibitors and 180,000+ visitors.

The exhibition was scheduled to host a number of concurrent events. It is expected that these events will not have big changes and will be postponed in synchronization with the exhibition.

To showcase more technologies for medical applications

After the coronavirus outbreak, China and the entire Asian region are paying more attention to healthcare and hygiene.

Ada Leung suggested exhibitors to consider showcasing more advanced plastics technologies and products for medical applications and medical packaging.

Ada Leung, General Manager at Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.

“The demand for protective consumables and medical equipment will further increase, such as masks, gloves, protective clothing, etc. These are made of plastics,” she explained. "The demand for disinfection and cleaning products will also increase, driving the growth of plastic packaging.”

At the same time, Ada Leung pointed out that there have been a lot of inquiries on latest arrangements from visitors. She suggested visitors to pay close attention to the latest announcements by the organizer.

Exhibitors: a correct and understandable decision

Many exhibitors expressed that the postponement is correct, reasonable and understandable during the current epidemic period of coronavirus,.

Gero Willmeroth, president for East Asia and Oceania at Engel.

“The recovery from the effects of coronavirus will take some time. Therefore, I believe it would be a good decision to postpone CHINAPLAS this year,” Gero Willmeroth, president for East Asia and Oceania at Engel commented.

“In addition, CHINAPLAS is one of the leading plastics industry exhibition attracting visitors globally. It is important to wait until confidence in travelling is regained,” he explained.

Gero Willmeroth also remarked that China is currently facing a very challenging situation, but he is confident that the people of China have the strength and ability to overcome difficulties.

The sales volume and revenue growth of Akei Holdings Company Limited (雅琪集团)hit new record high in 2019, Simon Tam, Managing Director, said that it is difficult to forecast what kind of damage will be inflicted by the so-called "outbreak".

"I lived in the States throughout the 90's, where seasonal influenza typically inflicts casualties in the thousands every year. The knowledge behind this virus is the key to minimize the fear," he said.

Simon Tam, Managing Director, Akei Holdings Company Limited.

He personally is disappointed that CHINAPLAS 2020 will be postponed, but “I do understand the decision to delay given the heightened awareness for public health.”

“The health and safety of humans have the highest priority,” commented Pietro Scattarreggia, the Managing Director of Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

“Even we all are facing a tough situation in the last days and very probable also in the next two weeks, we are very confident that we will overcome this situation with common efforts very soon,” he also remarked positively.

Pietro Scattarreggia, the Managing Director of Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

“The decision to postpone the exhibition (CHINAPLAS 2020) is correct and beneficial to everyone,” said Gui Jinyu, General Manager at Suzhou Tongda Machinery Co. Ltd. 苏州同大)

He also commented that the current epidemic will inevitably affect economic development, but the country will try to stabilize it. “We can only face the reality and treat it rationally. First of all, we have to protect the employees. Then, we will do more online marketing. I believe that tomorrow will be better,” he said.

Grace Gao, General Manager at Jiangsu Victor Machinery Co., Ltd. 江苏维达), said: “We welcome the postponement of CHINAPLAS 2020. On the one hand, as workers are unable to return to work on time, exhibits may not be able to catch up. On the other hand, visitors may not be able to visit due to worries about epidemic situation, especially overseas visitors.”

CHINAPLAS 2021 to move to Shenzhen

CHINAPLAS is moving the time and place of its 2021 edition, as the exhibition in the odd year will change its venue from Guangzhou to Shenzhen starting from 2021.

The exhibition in 2021 will be held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (SWECC) on April 13-16. The edition in Guangzhou was traditionally held in late May.

The decision was made after careful consideration of the market development and exhibitors' opinion, emphasized Adsale. As explained, CHINAPLAS 2019 held in Guangzhou was heavily overbooked, and the organizer had to reluctantly turn down many space applications.

Besides, as a hub of high-tech enterprises with the launch of the Greater Bay area scheme by the Chinese government and its leading position in 5G network infrastructure and industry applications, Shenzhen will be a good location for holding CHINAPLAS.

SWECC was opened in September, 2019. There is an indoor exhibition area of 400,000sqm in its first phase, which can satisfy the future expansion of CHINAPLAS.

The Center is located close to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, and is closely connected with the developed industrial cities in the Pearl River Delta via highways, subways and High Speed Rail.

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