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Industry Updates
Issue date:01/04/2017
China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ) - Apr 2017 Issue
Source:China Plastic & Rubber Journal

Borealis and Nova Chemicals enter preliminary agreement with Total to establish new PE facility in the US

Borealis and Nova Chemicals Corporation signed a preliminary agreement to form a joint venture (JV) with Total Petrochemicals and Refining USA, Inc. that will develop and own a new light feed cracker and a new Borstar polyethylene (PE) facility in Bayport, Texas, the US.

Key aspects of the JV will include:

- building a new 1,000 kilo ton per annum (ktpa) ethylene cracker in Port Arthur, Texas

- building a new 625 ktpa Borstar PE plant in Bayport, Texas

- Total’s existing Bayport PE facility, total capacity 400 ktpa

The JV is expected to be established in late 2017 and the final investment decision on the Borstar PE plant will be taken simultaneously. The ethylene cracker and Borstar PE plant are planned to start-up in late 2020.

Clariant strengthening catalyst capability in China

Clariant is strengthening its catalyst R&D and production expertise in China.

Clariant offers advanced catalysts for all major process steps in China, especially in the coal-to-chemicals value chain. For example, Catofin catalysts for reliable and efficient propylene production, and StyroMax catalyst series, which can support China to become more self-sufficient in styrene production.

The company recently established a highly experienced Engineering Service division to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective plant operations for Chinese customers.

At the end of 2016 Clariant established a new Catalyst R&D center in Shanghai. The center will expand with the planned move to the One Clariant Campus – an integrated facility with Regional Headquarters and a new regional R&D center – opening in the first quarter of 2019.

European Commission approves Dow and DuPont’s proposed merger of equals

DuPont and Dow announced that the European Commission (EC) has granted conditional regulatory clearance in Europe of the companies’ proposed merger of equals.

The EC’s approval is conditional on DuPont and Dow fulfilling commitments given to the EC in connection with the clearance. The companies believe the outcome of the EC review is pro-competitive and maintains the strategic logic and value creation potential of the transaction.

It represents a significant step toward closing the merger transaction, with the intention to subsequently spin into three independent publicly traded companies.

China Jushi’s new factory in Egypt to come on stream three years faster than plan

China Jushi, one of the world’s largest glass fiber producers, announced that its global expansion is in full swing with the third facility in Suez, Egypt is expected to come on stream in the second half of this year.

The production facility, which will have an annual capacity of 200,000 tons, is completed three years earlier than planned.

Through the implementation and completion of our worldwide globalization strategy, serving Europe and North America, we can supply to every continent in the world, which is important for our global customers. Furthermore, our first fiberglass production line in the US, (Richmond, South Carolina), with a capacity of 80 kt per annum (p.a.) broke ground on December 8, 2016. Construction will finish and the facility will come on stream in the last quarter of 2018,” said James Wang, General Manager of International Sales at Jushi.

Lanxess expanding global capacities for iron oxide pigments

Lanxess announced that it is expanding the capacity of its global production network for iron oxide pigments.

In Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany, Lanxess site of world’s largest synthetic iron oxide pigment plant, production capacities for red and black pigments will be gradually increased by around 23,000 metric tons, from the current 280,000 metric tons, by 2019.

Furthermore, by means of modernization, Lanxess is also expanding capacities for yellow pigments by another 2,000 metric tons per year at its site in Porto Feliz, Brazil.

Including the recent startup of its Ningbo, China facility, Lanxess will be increasing its global capacities from 375,000 to 400,000 metric tons of iron oxide pigments by 2019.

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