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Keywords of this article:  injection molding 
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Engineering Plastic 
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injection mold 
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injection mold 
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BASF unveils prototype of “cobot” (Booth: 11.2A41)

BASF will present the prototype of “cobot”, a collaborative robot for industrial use, made by SIASUN Co. Ltd.

This is one of five co-creation projects under the banner of "TRIO", a collaboration between BASF, designers, and brand owners.

The cobot is made with BASF’s thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomer Elastollan, glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PA) Ultramid and 3D printed PA 6.

Cobots are more affordable, adaptable and portable than traditional industrial robots. BASF’s materials not only provide a lighter weight alternative, they also allow molding or 3D printing into complex shapes.

According to the company, the materials have superior properties, including mechanical strength, comfortable haptics, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation. Additionally, compared to traditional materials, Elastollan and Ultramid are simple to process and provide greater ease of coloring and decoration.

ECKART’s LUXAN K series glass pearl pigments make Asian debut (Booth: 10.2A01)

The new LUXAN K series of glass pearl pigments from ECKART is making its debut in Asia. They are designed for cosmetic and food packaging, sports, leisure, automotive, household as well as toy applications.

LUXAN K offers outstanding transparency with a “see-through” effect. It adds value for transparent polyesters particularly in combination with dyes. The series is ideally suited for black tinted applications even with a “3D-effect” brilliance coming from the depth.

With LUXAN K, sparkle effect can be achieved at low concentration, and background color will not be affected or disturbed.

LUXAN K is compliant for use in food contact according to US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standard and in food packaging according to European standard.

It is also in accordance with Resolution AP(89)1 on the use of colorants in plastics materials coming into contact with food (EU). It meets EU Directive 2011/65/EU and RoHS Directive.

On the other hand, it also complies with EN 71-3 (Vers. 2013-07) as safety of toys, migration of certain elements.

Gulec Chemicals launches HFFR solution for PU Microfiber (Booth: 5.1J37)

Gulec Chemicals announces the launch of a novel halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) for polyurethane (PU) Microfiber. Owing to its unique design this novel Gerphos flame retardant withstands the demanding production conditions of PU Microfiber.

PU Microfiber as latest synthetic leather technology is providing the end product a similar touch feeling as genuine leather along with outstanding features such as good breathability, lightweight and strong mechanical properties.

Novel Gerphos flame retardant for PU Microfiber provides halogen-free and smoke-free flame retardancy. It is resistant to hydrolysis and fogging while fully compatible with the PU resin.

Gerphos FR treated PU microfiber synthetic leather products pass GB8410, FMVSS302, DIN75200 and other automotive fire tests.


Add: No.80 Juxian Road, Zhouquan Industrial Zone, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang, China

Postal: 314513

Tel: (86) 573 8852 8456

Fax: (86) 573 8852 8732



Tongxiang Guangsheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is a collection development, production and sales of professional plastic products company. We have unique capacity of product design and mold manufacturing. Our factory currently produces main product: plastic profile; PVC trunking; label holder and PC and PMMA Lampshade for LED; and injection products etc.

Lehvoss’ metal-detectable compound ensures safety in food industry (Booth: 10.3J61)

Lehmann&Voss&Co. (Lehvoss) has developed a metal-detectable compound to reduce the risk of contamination in food industry.

When elevator buckets are worn or damaged through typical manufacturing operations they may contaminate the food with fragments and particles of various sizes.

Apollo Group chose a LUVOCOM 3-9001/BL/L compound to replace a non-detectable PA 6 material previously used in its elevator buckets. The material is compliant with food contact regulations such as EU 10/2011 and FDA CFR 21.177. It is colored blue to make visual traceability easier and it meets the mechanical requirements of the buckets including stiffness and impact resistance.

Because LUVOCOM 3-9001/BL/L is magnetic, the presence of fragments or particles can be detected by common metal or X-ray detectors used in food production lines.

For example if a broken piece of the bucket were to contaminate the food, it can be detected later in the process by the detection line and separated automatically. Contaminated parts can be apprehended and reliably rejected, even when the foreign particles are down to 1mm in size.

Proprietary additive and resins shines for Osaka Gas Chemicals (Booth: 10.3N11)

Osaka Gas Chemicals Co. Ltd’s OGSOL MF-11 is a brand new fluidity additive, which can improve the flowability of resins without having damages to the original resin properties, especially polyamide.

Another exhibit is MARICOM, a compatibilizer which makes the compounding of two different kinds of resins which are generally immiscible possible.

For example, it is able to compatibilizes polyolefin/polyester, polyolefin/wood flour, and so on, and the compounded materials are being used in films and wood decks, etc.

A third focus is OKP polyester resin that uses fluorene-based monomer as its raw material. OKP has high refractive index above 1.6 and low birefringence, it is being used in various applications of precision lens such as automobile camera, VR/AR lens, surveillance camera, smart phone camera and sports camera, etc.

RTP Company features Laser-Markable and eXtra Performance compounds (Booth: 10.2R61)

RTP Company is highlighting its new, clear Laser-Markable compounds that are specially formulated to work with laser technology to impart high contrast marks to clear plastic components and devices.

The company’s Laser-Markable Compounds include additives that absorb specific wavelengths of energy and create a high contrast mark, while allowing the resin to remain clear.

This technology is particularly helpful to medical devices marketed in the US, as laser marking can be used for compliance with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)’s Unique Device Identifier (UDI) System.

In addition, RTP is presenting the recent expansion of its structural product portfolio, including RTP 100 XP (eXtra Performance) compounds that are formulated for higher strength, modulus and impact properties than standard glass reinforced compounds.

These compounds exhibit 20% higher modulus and more than 50% improvement in impact testing compared to common glass fiber reinforced polypropylenes (PP). They are easily injection molded and are available worldwide.

Suzhou Runjia presents three modified PP for lightweight applications (Booth: 10.3K39)

Due to the growing demand for lightweight materials, Suzhou Runjia Engineering Plastics Co. Ltd. has developed three modified polypropylene (PP) series.

Micro-foaming PP: microcellular foaming PP (EIPP) is developed for injection molding. After injection, the EIPP in the inner layer expands due to the internal gas-pressure and forms a porous layer, while the material on the surface layer cools rapidly and forms a dense skin. The size of cells is about 20-50µm.

Thin-wall injection PP: through the optimization between materials and parts structure design, the wall thickness can be reduced from 2.5mm to 2.0mm or so to meet lightweight requirement of automotive materials.

Low density PP: this low density materials, by combining high performance PP with a low proportion of special filler, have the same properties such as high dimensional stability, physical properties and heat resistance properties compared with traditional materials with higher proportion of general fillers.

河南銀金達新材料股份有限公司HENAN YINJINDA NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD. (Booth: 13.2P61)

Add: Factory/Main Office: Tangzhuang Industrial Park, Weihui City, Xinxiang, Henan Province, P R China

Shanghai Office: Room 19F B2, Junyao Plaza, No. 789, Zhaojiabang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, P R China

Factory/Main Office : Tel: (86) 373 2175 960 Fax: (86) 373 2175 955

Shanghai Office: Tel (86) 21 6091 0917 / Fax (86) 21 6091 0916



We are the biggest professional PETG shrinkable film manufacturer in China. With two advanced professional Bruckner lines we produce more than 12000 tons of high quality PETG shrinkable film. Our film can be widly used in the labelling or packing for many complicated shapes of containers or bottles in beverage, beer, dariy chemicals, medicine or electronical products. Welcome to visit our stand in Chinaplas 2016 or our company located in Henan province, China. Yinjinda expect to establish partner relationship with the friends all of the world in labelling field.

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