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Keywords of this article:  injection molding 
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Engineering Plastic 
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injection mold 
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injection mold 
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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Addivant launches NAUGARD FOAMPLUS LE liquid antioxidant to meet tighter VOC regulation

Addivant announced the launch of the NAUGARD FOAMPLUS LE solutions, a next generation liquid antioxidant for the polyurethane industry.

Developed to meet the challenges faced in automotive applications, the NAUGARD FOAMPLUS LE portfolio comprises ultra-low emissive stabilization packages enabling the entire value chain to be compliant with the ever-stricter national legislations on vehicle indoor air quality (VIAQ).

The NAUGARD FOAMPLUS LE series has been designed to be inherently more thermally stable to provide strong scorch protection and polyol stability. Another important advantage is that the liquid antioxidants provide improved handling with a better viscosity profile than existing competitive materials.

The new solutions are less volatile than the industry benchmarks at high foaming temperatures, resulting in more than a 90% reduction in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) & FOG emissions.

The NAUGARD FOAMPLUS LE series has been extensively researched and tested to be fully compliant with the VOC and FOG limits set by Germany’s VDA 278 emission standard which is part of the delivery specifications of leading automobile companies such as Daimler, BMW, Porsche, and VW.

It is an easy drop-in replacement for existing stabilization packages, allowing manufacturers to switch quickly without any investments or plant modifications.

Eastman unveils 50% bio-based TRĒVA

Eastman Chemical Company unveiled TRĒVA, a bio-based engineering plastics to help global brands meeting sustainability and performance needs.

TRĒVA’s composition is about 50% cellulose, sourced from trees derived exclusively from sustainably managed forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The new material is BPA-free and phthalate-free.

The novel material offers superior chemical resistance, standing up better than other engineering thermoplastics to some of the harshest chemicals, including skin oils, sunscreens, and household cleaners.

Its low birefringence means eliminating the unwelcomed rainbow effect some plastics experience with polarized light, improving the user experience with electronic device screens and retail displays.

Moreover, TRĒVA’s high flow characteristics enable design freedom, enabled it to be used with complicated designs and in filling thin parts. Under recommended processing conditions, recent thin-wall 30 mil spiral flow testing shows that TRĒVATM flow rates are significantly better than polycarbonate and polycarbonate/ABS blends, and comparable to ABS.

According to Eastman, the material’s potential applications include:

- Eyeglass frames, wearable electronics, headphones, and many other personal devices that come in direct contact with the skin;

- Electronic display applications, such as lenses and covers, that consumers need to see through;

- Electronics, housings, intricate cosmetics cases, and other products with high design and complex specifications;

- Automotive interior components wherein chemical resistance and aesthetics are desired;

- And other demanding applications with high sustainability and safety requirements.

ExxonMobil highlights Exceed XP, Exceed and Enable performance polymers for packaging

In collaboration with Jinming Machinery (Guangdong) Co. Ltd, ExxonMobil illustrated how the combination of Exceed XP, Exceed and Enable performance polymers and co-extrusion blown film technology is being used to produce differentiated liquid and food lamination packaging solutions.

The three-layer liquid lamination film, which includes Exceed XP, offers the toughness, flex-crack resistance and sealing performance to deliver higher performance. This helps to eliminate product leakage and contamination, protecting and preserving liquid products from packaging to utilization which can result in less waste throughout the supply chain.

The film also provides a good stiffness and toughness balance with very low extractables. Typical liquid packaging applications include: bag-in-box bladder; pillow and stand-up pouch; and flexi-tank container-liners.

A four-layer cast polyethylene film, which includes Exceed and Enable, provides the mechanical, sealing and optical properties for the fabrication of high-performance food lamination packaging.

It also offers good processability and high throughput. Typical food lamination packaging applications include: frozen foods (potato products and vegetables); dry foods (coffee, tea, pre-mixed beverages, confections and pet food); and greasy or oily foods (prepared meat, fish and cheese).

Huntsman shed lights on TPU for more active, healthy and comfortable life

Huntsman has assembled an array of TPU materials that can be extruded, injection molded, blow molded or calendared to create every day consumer goods and pieces of industrial equipment.

For an active life

- smartLite PF 1560 TPU: A super lightweight, high energy return TPU that can transform the comfort and performance of sports footwear. This low-density, elastic material is 100% recyclable and has the potential to deliver an energy return of up to 50%, making it ideal for footwear worn for high intensity forms of exercise such as running.

- AVALON 50 AHG TPU: Softer than most TPU grades, and providing outstanding anti-slip performance on both wet and dry surfaces, it enables footwear manufacturers to make thin, high definition, high grip, non-marking parts in a variety of colors.

For a comfortable life

- Various TPU grades that can be used to create waterproof textiles, which can help to make life at home more comfortable and clean. Typical film and sheet applications include bed covers, tablecloths, sofa covers and other decorative fabrics that need to be durable. Products available include IROGRAN A 85 D 6003 TPU; IROGRAN A 85 C 4957 TPU; IROGRAN A 92 C 4959 TPU and IROGRAN A 92 P 4637 TPU.

For a healthy life

- A variety of TPU grades that have received food contact material (FCM) approval and are ideally suited for use in the production of conveyor belts employed in supermarkets and at food processing and packaging plants. These products include: IROGRAN A85 E 4993 FCM; IROGRAN A 92 E 5670 FCM; and IROGRAN A 92 P 4637 FCM.

- An IROGRAN TPU that has been certified for use in the potable water industry and in the manufacture of flexible hoses used to supply drinking water. Following extensive testing, Huntsman has developed IROGRAN A 85 P 4394 FCM TPU, which is certified as compliant with all potable end use applications, specifically A, F and P – appurtenance, fittings and pipes. It can also be used to create high-pressure hoses for the supply of water for industrial applications.

PolyOne’s COMPTEK PEEK blends now available in Asia

Its COMPTEK blends based on polyetheretherketone (PEEK) are now available in Asia for multi-use medical devices, electrical connectors, and other demanding applications, PolyOne announced at CHINAPLAS 2017.

These blends create parts that can withstand higher temperatures than standard PEEK, with better post-processing shrinkage control and improved colorability.

In late 2016, PolyOne acquired Germany’s COMPTEK, an innovator in formulating high-temperature polymers. PEEK-based blends developed by COMPTEK have a glass transition temperature (Tg) up to 40°C higher than standard PEEK formulations.

This higher Tg frees manufacturers to design parts that can withstand greater operating temperatures and high temperature sterilization without warping. The materials also accept color more readily than standard PEEK formulations, supporting the creativity and branding goals of designers.

Because these blends exhibit uniform shrinkage after molding, manufacturers can simplify injection mold construction while still meeting exacting tolerances for plug connectors and other components. In addition, compared to PEEK, the materials can be processed at lower temperatures to help manufacturers save energy during injection molding.

Polyscope expands compatibilization technology under XIBOND trade name

Polyscope has broadened its product portfolio of compatibilization technology to include products for coupling agents and chain extension under the trade name XIBOND.

Its XERAN portfolio has now been integrated in the XIBOND portfolio.

In common blends of PA/ABS and PC/ABS, XIBOND compatibilizers change the interfacial tension, stabilize the morphology against high stresses and enhance the adhesion between the phases in the solid state. This results in significant improvement of the mechanical properties of the polymer blend.

The need for blend optimizers is increasing as the need for “designer” type polymer solutions for specific applications occurs in the market place. XIBOND cost effectively assists with coupling and compatibilizing unfilled grades as well as products which contain fillers, like glass fibers.

In addition, the XIBOND portfolio offers grades for chain extension and coupling agents, and melt flow enhancer. This meets the market need for upgrading recycled material in high end applications.

In polymer blends which contain fibers XIBOND grades can act as coupling agent by improving the adhesion between the fibers and polymers. The impact is improved by 50% without effect on other properties.


battenfeld-cincinnati’s energy-saving pipe and sheet extrusion line on show

battenfeld-cincinnati China presented extrusion equipment that helps save energy and material in pipe and thermoforming sheet production.

In addition, the new control system BCtouch UX for industry 4.0 applications made its debut in China.

At its booth, a solEX 60-40-C extruder for high-performance PO pipe production was presented. solEX extruders offer 15-25% energy savings compared to conventional extruders. They are also ideal for large diameter pipe extrusion thanks to their excellent melt homogeneity and low melt temperature. These help to reduce sagging, thus saving material, which is a large cost factor in pipe production.

A LeanEX C1-60-30 extruder was also be shown. Since their introduction eight years ago, around 110 LeanEX extruders and 140 LeanEX turnkey pipe extrusion lines have been sold. There are four extruder sizes for outputs up to 540kg/h (PP-R) and up to 720kg/h (HDPE) and pipe diameter ranges from 63-630mm.

At the K show last year, battenfeld-cincinnati introduced the new BCtouch UX control. It was brought to CHINAPLAS for the first time on the solEX 60-40-C extruder and also as a mobile operator terminal.

The new BCtouch UX has a large multi-touch display with a new visualization concept. The modern user interface offers simple and familiar operating concepts known from tablets or smart phones (i.e. multi-touch zoom as well as move and slide functions).

The advanced functions of the BCtouch UX control support efficient production planning and preventive maintenance intervals. In addition, the BCtouch UX fulfills the requirements for connectivity with servers and mobile appliances. Therefore, it is also perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 applications.

Enjoys faster specimen production with Brabender SpeciMold injection machine

A new inline injection molding machine named SpeciMold for the quick, energy-saving production of samples is developed by Brabender in conjunction with UMSICHT, the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology.

Time plays a critical role in successful material development. In order to be able to obtain products with a custom characteristics profile and to really exhaust the potential of polymer materials, plastics suppliers and/or compound designers ideally need to be involved in the development process at an increasingly earlier stage.

In a “classic” workflow, the material sample is granulated in the laboratory extruder and then sent to the injection molder, which then creates the resulting sample – a time-consuming process.

However, the SpeciMold creates injection molded specimens for a multitude of common laboratory tests directly from the polymer sample destined for granulation – quickly and inline, i.e. directly from the extruded polymer flow.

Samples produced by the SpeciMold – e.g. dumbbell samples – more closely resemble the end product in terms of core physical characteristics than those manufactured in the conventional material development workflow using granulate that has already been melted.

The unit not only spares the developer the time-consuming task of sending the granulate to the injection molder, but also spares the material itself the disadvantage of having to be melted again before inspection.

Coperion debuts “treasure design concept” for ZSK extruders

Coperion presented new involute screw elements for its high-end extruder series ZSK and its new “treasure design concept” for ZSK extruders and pelletizers tailored specifically for the Chinese market.

To significantly increase throughput rates of its first-class ZSK extruder series, Coperion has developed special involute screw and kneading elements with a new and patented cross section design.

These screw elements are ideal for highly-filled recipes (70-85% CaCO3, TiO2, mainly based on PP/PE and 20-50% talc for automotive grades) for which the dispersion rating and the incorporation of the filler represents a limitation.

Besides higher throughput rates, these involute screw elements ensure higher loading of filler, better dispersion and homogenization, lower energy consumption (SEI in kWh/kg) and a significant increase in profitability.

In-house tests showed that, when processing PP and 70% CaCO3 on a twin screw extruder ZSK 58 Mc18 the new screw elements achieved a significant throughput increase from 550kg/h to 900kg/h.

Meanwhile, a new “SP treasure” strand pelletizer was developed through close cooperation between Coperion Pelletizing Technology in Germany and Coperion Nanjing, China.

A SP 220 treasure model was presented at the show, which is suitable for processing of highly abrasive strengthened products. It has a working width of 220mm, can process up to 55 strands at throughput rates of up to 2,500kg/h.

Kuka lights up the show with intelligent automation solutions

Kuka brought to the show its eady2_use packages and KUKA Connect platform demonstrate its cloud intelligent technology for Industry 4.0 development in plastics industry.

KUKA ready2_run can be put into use quickly with its characteristic of simplicity and help users to install the equipment easily. It can also real-time monitor the automated injection molding plant production status.

KUKA ready2_pilot is a manual teaching platform easy to manage and install with broad scope of application and can be used immediately, providing navigation teaching in an easy operating and flexible way.

KUKA ready2_activate provides a standardized platform with modular design which can be adapted to a variety of independent production needs. It can be primarily used for production processes such as adhesive bonding, painting or injection molding.

KUKA Connect provides many powerful functions for users, such as real-time update and fault management of robotic status; robotic routine maintenance programs; and convert robotic data into easy-to-use charts with the use of visual tools.

Wintec promotes all-electric e-win series

In addition to its large-scale hydraulic t-win machines, Wintec has been offering a new series, e-win, which consists of all-electric injection molding machines, for a year now.

All movements performed by the e-win machines are servo-electric. The high precision of the movements ensures stable processes and the highest possible number of good parts. The machines also reduce cycle times through the synchronous movements of the drive axles and the outstanding acceleration of the injection axis, which can be up to 22m/s².

An e-win 1000-170 with a clamping force of 1,000kN was used to produce windscreen wiper adaptors for cars. The delicate components made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide – the shot weight for each component was 20.56g – require precise machine movements and high process stability.

An automated process was used to produce the adaptors. An ENGEL e-pic robot removes the components from the mold and deposit them on a conveyor belt. The pick-and-place robot combines linear movements with a jib arm, and therefore requires very little space. The jib arm comprises a composite material which additionally raises energy efficiency and dynamism.

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