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Keywords of this article:  injection molding 
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injection mold 
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James Zhang.
James Zhang.

At CHINAPLAS 2018, leading Chinese machine makers and chemical suppliers showcased a variety of innovative solutions which drew big attention from overseas visitors, demonstrating that they are gaining wider recognition. Vying for a bigger share of the global market, these exhibitors are intensifying their efforts in product innovation as well as building overseas plants. 

Yizumi strategically expands in overseas

Ranking 5
th of the top 30 injection molding manufacturing enterprises in China in 2017, Yizumi achieved outstanding performance last year, hitting RMB 2.008 billion in main operation income, which wasup 39.20% on YOY (year-on-year) basis. Meanwhile, the gross profit reached RMB 324 million, representing an increase of 142.38% on YOY basis.

“The whole industry is upgrading. In the process, the market will continue to have a growing demand for high-end intelligent machinery with more stability and automation. Therefore, the Chinese market is expected to maintain high-speed growth in the years to come,” said James Zhang, GM of Yizumi IMM Division and Director & DGM of Yizumi Group.

According to him, some new sectors will become the keymarkets for Chinese machinery manufacturers, such as the high-end equipment market in the Europe and the US. “With the improvement in stability and performance, Chinese machinery will be accepted gradually by these markets. Besides, we have remarkable cost competitiveness,” he said.

Global presence is a very important part of Yizumi’s overall development plan. This year, Yizumi has actively engaged in several important projects in overseas market.

The company’s Research & Development (R&D) Center in Germany has started conducting R&D projects on new process technology and special molding techniques. The manufacturing based on these R&D achievements will remain in China and then promote to the overseas markets.

Besides, Yizumi will establish two spare part supply centers in France and Vietnam respectively this year.

Borche strengthens position with intelligent IMM
Borch Zhu.
At the
show, Borch Machinery Co. Ltd. (Borche) highlighted itsintelligentproduction line with BM800-260ML two-platen multi-component injection molding machine (IMM) consisting of transverse robots, six-axis robots, nozzle cutting, overturn mechanism, auto assembling and auto transport units. The machine caught the eyeballs of many local and overseas visitors.

“Two-platen multi-color injection molding machine in combination with intelligent automatic system and control system is our highlight at CHINAPLAS this year. The machine allows manufacturers to produce high quality products and reduce labor cost at the same time,” said Borch Zhu, President of Borch Machinery Co. Ltd. (Borche).

He revealed that the company invested over RMB 100 million on its new factory in Zengcheng last year to meet the market demand for intelligent two-platen units. This new factory is expected to start production in the second half of 2018 and its production capacity is estimated to about RMB 800 million (exclude tax).

In addition to the commissioning of the new factory, the company will fully upgrade internal lean production, information management and modular production to increase product quality.

Borche sells 40% of its products in the overseas market now, and is targeting to sell more. The North America is one of the key markets to open up. The company has established a branch in the US for providing warehousing, logistics and technical services.

Borch Zhu saw huge development potentials in the US market where there are few local injection molding manufacturers.

JC Times boosts innovation capability further

Liang Bin.
Jingcheng Times Group (JC Times) presented its innovative flat extrusion dies and system solutions at the show, including co-extrusion technology for multi-layer manifold die, super wide CPP casting die, automatic biaxially oriented die and narrow gap coating die.

Liang Bin, President of the company mentioned that he had found something special at this year’s show. “Many new and existing customers brought their products to us,and asked whether our technology could help in the production. In the past, they only came to inquire about the price. It is quite different this year, he said.

According to him, in the past two or three years, innovative products generated60% of annual gross profit for the company, despite their annual turnover only accounted for not more than 30%.

To maintain sustainable growth, Liang Bin believes that enterprises should keep pace with national and international industry strategic initiatives. “We always stay up-to-date with the market in every aspect, from new energy vehicle application, to lithium battery diaphragm and solar photovoltaic product application,” he said.

Jinyoung aiming at higher sales this year
Smart home materials showcased by Jinyoung.
The year of 2018 is a fast-growing one for Jinyoung (Xiamen) Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. as the company has substantially increase the overall sales target.

Felix Fu, Partner Development Officer at Jinyoung said, “To achieve this target, we have implemented corresponding strategic plans. For example, we established production and marketing centers in central regions this year, including our East China Production and R&D Center. We also set up liaison offices in Germany, the US and Japan for preliminary market and technology development.

According to him, advanced polymer materials have great development potentials in applications such as automobile, E&E and household appliances. Besides,toiletry, intelligent furniture and rotational molding materials also have great potentials. The enactment of national environmental protection policies does not affect Jinyoung’s business but creates favorable opportunities for the company.

Given that energy saving, environmental protection and health careare the focus of the industry, every material enterprise strives to minimize material and energy consumption, as well as to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and human body.

To adapt to this trend, Jinyoung has launched a diversity of innovative products, including spray-free, low-odor and antibacterial materials. In addition, the company leverages its 3D printing technology in the medical sector.

Kingfa’s fully biodegradable materials sales booming

Willis Guan.Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. presented four types of materials at CHINAPLAS, including modified plastics, fully biodegradable materials, special engineering plastics and high performance carbon fiber composite materials, for extensive applications in a number of sectors such as automobile, E&E, industrial equipment, consumer products and packaging.

With the growing public awareness on the environmental protection, biodegradable plastic has become one of the most important new materials in the world today. Early in 2007, Kingfa started developing the applications of fully biodegradable materials and recycled materials. Thanks to the constant improvements in innovative technology, the company’s fully biodegradable materials have witnessed successful applications in recent years.

Willis Guan, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Kingfa indicated that the company achieved 147% sales growth for fully biodegradable materials last year. “We have 41KT production capacity now. An expansion of 30KT production capacity is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Our production cost will be substantially reduced after expansion,” he said.

 “In modern world, no enterprise can survive without innovation. We may lag behind others without upgrading ourproduction process. Therefore, we have been intensifying technology innovation these years. In 2017, our R&D input accounted for 4.05% of our sales value,” he continued.

As for the future plan of the company, he added: “We will open up more markets and strengthen our global presence. The customer classification management was imposed last year, and we will formulate specific marketing strategies in response to customer requirements.”

NHH increases production capacity for high-end materials

Michael Hui.Headquartered in Hong Kong, Ngai Hing Hong Company Ltd. (NHH) specializes in research, development and production of plastic materials, pigments, colorants, compounds and engineering plastics for the applications in automobile, household appliances, food packaging, medical to building material and new energy sectors. In the past five decades, the company has witnessed booming growth.

Michael Hui, Executive Director of the company, commented that the development of new energy vehicles imposes higher requirements on materials. In addition to the automotive industry, the smart home trend is found in the household appliances industry, triggering a growing demand for high performance materials.

“We will keep pace with market development and develop new materials to meet customers’ demands. The higher customer requirements, the more opportunities we have,” he said.

NHH’s development roadmap is gradually radiating its business to the central and western regions including Chongqing, Hunan and Hubei. Michael Hui is very optimistic about the market development.

“We see constant development in the central and western regions. For example, OEMs such as Mitsubishi, BYD and Volkswagen established their production facilities in Hunan and some spare part manufacturers also moved their facilities there. We are intensifying our efforts to meet the market demand for the local markets. It is at the early stage of development and we see huge development opportunities here, he explained.

Top Polymer to establish new facility in the US

Marcus Tsong.
Top Polymer Enterprise, a specialist in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) research, development and production in China, has two production facilities and R&D centers in Jiangsu and Guangdong respectively now. The company’s key products include TPS, TPV, PU and TPC (TPEE).

According to Marcus Tsong, President at Top Polymer, the trends of lightweight and sustainability in the automotive industry brings enormous opportunities for the company. With the growing demand for higher comfort vehicles, low-VOC PTV and TPE will become preferred choices for customers.

Marcus Tsong said that the company is expected to maintain business growth at around 30% in 2018, and the Asia Pacific region will remain the largest TPE market.

He further revealed that Top Polymer will increase the production capacity of its Donguan and Liyang facilities to 28,000T per year. In addition, the company is investing US$15 million to build a new production and R&D center with 8,000T production capacity per year in Georgia, the US.

During the first phase, three production lines covering 60,000ft2 will be established. The production is expected to begin in the first half of 2019 and it is an important milestone for the company to strengthen its global presence.

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