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Thanks to their high precision and mass production capability, slitter rewinder machines are more widely used, in particular, in the packaging industry. Meanwhile, the recent robust growth in Li-ion battery for electric vehicles and electronic products fuels the demand for slitter rewinder machines. Machine builders thus enhance their technologies to satisfy higher requirements of advanced production.

The KAMPF Workshop at headquarters Wiehl, Germany.
The KAMPF Workshop at headquarters Wiehl, Germany.

A slitter rewinder is a roll-to-roll machine which unwinds a roll of long material sheet, slits it into strips with a particular width, and then rewinds them into rolls in a continuous operation. There are diverse types of materials to be slit such as films, composite materials, paper, metal foil, nonwoven fabric, etc.

The latest slitter rewinder machines are equipped with highly automated mechanisms to increase the accuracy and quality of slitting during the production process. They are highly suitable for the mass production and offer unsurpassed levels of modularity, productivity and quality. They also come with the variety of web width, running speeds and improved roll handling systems to meet specific production requirements.

New station type slitter for sensitive BSFs

KAMPF has been active in the Li-ion battery separator processing field for more than 10 years. Numerous KAMPF machines worldwide already process anode / cathode materials as well as battery separator films (BSFs) meeting the high quality requirements of production.

Meanwhile the KAMPF group offers know-how for the entire production chain for the production of materials for Li-ion batteries. As a cross-process provider, KAMPF, together with Kampf LSF and other innovation-driving partners, offers a high benefit for producers in the Li-ion batteries sector.
The new BSF Slitter of KAMPF offers downtime reduction and better roll handling.
At KAMPF, the development of machines for processing the very sensitive BSFs is well in progress. In recent years, the company has been successful in installing various machines for processing separator film, from the narrow slitting machine type Microslit to the spindle machine type Conslit up to the station type slitters for the primary slitting wide material webs.

KAMPF has recently launched a new, tailor-made station type machine for processing the highly sensitive separator films. This new development is a convincing solution thanks to its compact design with short web paths and good accessibility for operating and cleaning tasks.

As introduced, individual drives and digital tension control meet the high material requirements and deliver perfect finished rolls even in the case of less optimally wound master rolls. In addition to individually driven knife holders for scissor cutting, a razor blade system is available as an option.

Besides, the modern handling system reduces downtimes. The finished rolls are removed "contactlessly". The convenient 2-touch user interface and the integrative the@vanced platform allow intelligent tools to be utilized, evaluations to be used for further production optimization or machines to be networked.

Ergonomic design ensures high productivity

GOEBEL IMS has also introduced the cutting-edge slitter rewinder INTERSLIT BSF for converting battery separator films. The machine was specifically designed to process hyper sensitive materials such as battery separator films also based on wet-process BOPE.
The INTERSLIT BSF is tailor-made to fulfill the highest production requirements.
According to GOEBEL IMS, the innovative INTERSLIT BSF offers several state-of-the-art features and options. The especially compact station rewinder concept with a short web path from unwind to rewind keeps the web on track and allows lowest web tension ranges.

Additionally, thanks to the ergonomic design, the machine is functionally accessible all around and thereby ensures highest productivity during unloading and set-up.

The company’s developing engineers focus on achieving the maximum of precision and efficiency. Therefore, high end components such as all carbon fiber and individually driven rollers, as well as an absolute precise and sensitive web tension control system, are integrated in the new machine.

To achieve the targeted finished roll quality, the contact force is individually adjustable from gap winding up to sensitive contact winding. All finished rolls are carefully rewound on individual rewind stations which are positioned fully automatic and are all arranged on one common side of the slitter rewinder.

These stations open automatically and release the finished rolls into a rest position, where the operator or optionally an automatic handling system will clear the rolls from the unloading position. Thus, an easy and fast unloading and inspection of the finished rolls is guaranteed.

According to GOEBEL IMS, the INTERSLIT BSF can be tailor-made. It provides a maximum web width of up to 6,000 mm, and unwind and rewind diameter as well as speed are adjusted upon customers’ needs. The top solution for most precise and dust reduced cutting are individual driven shear top knifes which are embedded in a carbon fiber body bottom cutter shaft that also can be driven independently.

In other words, all benefits of the INTERSLIT BSF highlight modular configuration for customer-specific applications, unique all-driven concept for most precise web tension control, shortest web path between unwinding and rewinding, and super compact and ergonomic machine design.

Automated inspection machines shine in multiple lane jobs

Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd. has added a new range of Titan Inspection Machines which improves the efficiency of the entire slitting process by removing the need to stop the slitter to edit out print or lamination defects.
Titan Inspection Machine model IR60.
The new range is designed to complement the range of Titan slitter rewinder machines offering superior reliability, quality and productivity.

The new machines will unwind, inspect and rewind material to improve the quality of the mother rolls that go into the slitter rewinder, eliminating the need to stop the slitter therefore increasing the slitting efficiency and quality.

Identifying defects in the web can be done by either a fully automatic 100% inspection system, manually using stroboscopic systems or by entering multiple stop signals based upon the flag location. The machines are high speed, fully reversible and with the inclusion of splice table the operator can remove all defects greatly reducing waste and time.

These inspection machines complement our range of Titan Slitter Rewinders and deliver enhanced slitter productivity and quality for our customers,” Barrie Homewood, Sales Director for Titan products said.

The RR135 and RR165 inspection machines, in particular, shine in multiple lane jobs. “Real productivity improvements are seen when producing multilane rolls that only require rewinding to a defined length and edge trimming. The RR135 and RR165 are ideal work horses freeing up the slitter rewinder to do the multiple lane jobs,” noted Barrie Homewood.

The RR135 & RR165 inspection machines can also be used to splice together smaller mother roll diameters and deliver a larger mother roll again increasing efficiencies of the slitter.

In addition to above features, the RR165 with its overhead web path can incorporate additional valued added processes such as web laser perforation / scoring and other web treatments.

The range of Titan Inspection Machines can process different materials, including films, laminates, paper, metallized films and aluminium foils. Other materials can also be processed if they are within the specified tension range of the machines.

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