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Keywords of this article:  CHINAPLAS 
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Recycling Technology Zone has been set up in CHINAPLAS since 2016.
Recycling Technology Zone has been set up in CHINAPLAS since 2016.

CHINAPLAS, being a prominent platform for innovative technology and communication, is highly responsive to the needs and trends, and always provides valuable insights into the plastics industries.

CHINAPLAS 2019 will be returned to China Import and Export Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou and run from May 21- 24, 2019. An estimated total of more than 3,400 industrial leaders from around the world will be showcasing their products and solutions in an over 250,000 square meters of exhibition space to at least 180,000 professional visitors from 150 countries and regions.

Circular economy as a megatrend

To foster circular economy is a global consensus and is a major Chinese economic and social development strategy to achieve sustainable development. As such, great potential and bounteous market opportunities arise with it.

Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., organizer of CHINAPLAS, said, “It’s going to be the 33rd edition of CHINAPLAS in 2019. Every time, it responds to the market demand and introduces new moves accordingly. In the past three editions of show, we have boosted the significance of Industry 4.0. After that, circular economy will be the next big trend.”

We’ve been aware of circular economy for some time. As early as 2011, we launched the Bioplastics Zone, introducing biodegradable plastics and bio-based plastics. We have also set up a Recycling Technology Zone since 2016 in Shanghai. The show lineup continues to grow. In the upcoming CHINAPLAS, circular economy will be promoted to a prime position, leading exhibitors and visitors to explore the enormous potential.”

The core of circular economy is the efficient use and recycling of resources, and plastic waste recycling is an indispensable part. By improving the recycling rate of waste plastics, the development of a circular economy can be greatly promoted.

In the past, the waste processing and recycling industry relied heavily on imports, lacking a complete recycling chain, while recycling rate and proportion of large-scale recycling are both low.

According to statistics, waste plastics imported into China amounted to 7.3 million tons in 2016. Being worth US$3.7 billion dollars, it accounted for 56% of the world's total imports of waste plastics.

With the implementation of the ban on the import of waste plastics, it is bound to intensify the shortage of raw materials, and the recycling system of renewable resources is in urgent need of change.

Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Conference

In the limelight at this time when the handling of waste plastics is transforming and adjusting rapidly are ways to integrate the recycle environmental protection industry chain, to build and perfect China's renewable resource recycling system, and develop new types of renewable waste plastics, upgrade technology and equipment for the high-efficiency sorting, granulation, waste plastic pyrolysis.

In addition to upgrading the Recycling Technology Zone, a Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Conference and Showcase will also be organized at CHINAPLAS 2019, in order to facilitate mastery of advanced technology, promote technological innovation, and help the industry seize new opportunities.

The entire industry chain, from policies and regulations, through recycling technologies to back-end innovative applications, will be analyzed and explained in depth and thoroughly by experts in the industry. Industrial trends, opportunities, challenges, and solutions will also be discussed.

Show date: May 21- 24, 2019

Venue: China Import and Export Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, China

Show website:

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