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Adsale Publishing Ltd. organized a three-day activity in March, which consisted of the “Double Color Double Money - CPRJ & Demag Injection Molding Conference and Showcase”, “Plant visit to Demag’s plant in Ningbo”, and the “2nd edition CPRJ Innovative Technologies, CMF and New Materials for Plastics Conference & Showcase”.

The CPRJ & Demag Injection Molding Conference and Showcase was held in Ningbo,China.
The CPRJ & Demag Injection Molding Conference and Showcase was held in Ningbo,China.

Double-color injection molding a significant trend

The first CPRJ & Demag Injection Molding Conference and Showcase held in Ningbo, China gathered over 200 professionals in different industries to discuss and share the latest developments in double-color injection molding and other hot technologies.

According to Stephan Greif, CEO, Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., as one of the first European injection molding manufacturers who entered the Chinese market, Demag (Ningbo) has more than 20 years of production experience and is able to maintain a stable production volume while continuing the quality of Germany.

In her welcome remarks, Janet Tong, General Manager of Adsale Publishing Ltd., Adsale Group, emphasized the huge potential of double-color injection molding thanks to its abilities to fulfill the market needs on high quality and high value added products.

During the plenary session, Kejian Liu, Director of Automation and Applied Engineering, Demag (Ningbo) introduced the multi-component injection molding processes of Demag.

(Right) Stephan Greif, CEO, Demag (Ningbo).As introduced, the multi-component injection molding processes of Demag include bi-injection, composite injection molding and sandwich technology, positioning and turning of shaped components, etc.

The products produced by using Demag’s multi-component injection molding technology were also introduced, such as plastic bin, socket, smoke detector, vehicle instrument panel, etc.

Yong Xu, CFO/MD, Ningbo Preh Joyson Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., shed lights on topic of “Winning customers with Demag’s double-color injection molding”. 

He mentioned that China is the largest automotive market and the largest consumer of injection molding machine. It is expected that double-color injection molding will have more contributions in the eras of Industry 4.0 and autonomous driving.

The session was rounded off with the presentation of Paulo Silva, CEO & Product Developer, Plasdan-add-on systems & Mould robotics. He introduced the automatic mold technology, multi-color application and mold assembly technology.

Two parallel sub-forums were held concurrently after the plenary session, focusing on the applications of double-color injection molding on automotive and consumer goods respectively.

More than 10 speakers from prestigious companies and associations delivered presentations and discussed the latest applications and technology trends in depth. They included: Geely, Motan-Colortronic Plastics Machinery, Cleo Information Technology (Shanghai), Shanghai Matsui Machinery, LEGO, Committee of the Plastic Household Products of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Citylong Technology Development, Cixi Jingcheng Mould, etc.

Demag to produce double-color injection molding machines in China

Adsale Publishing Ltd. also arranged a site visit to the forth plant of Demag (Ningbo). At a concurrent press conference, Demag announced that it decided to begin the production of double-color injection molding machines in China.

Systec multi 210/580-200h/80v C double-color injection molding machine Double-color injection molding is a niche market that requires high technology. It is a market with good potential in China,” said Stephan Greif.

The double-color injection molding machines “Systec C multi” with clamping forces from 120t to 420t, which was brought in and assembled by Demag (Ningbo) this year, are mainly used in automotive, packaging and high-end consumer goods and other industries. The result of this experience is the fourth generation of the Systec series.

Maximum platen parallelism of the Systec C multi machine minimized rejects and protects the mold. The benefits from the toggle clamp technology also guarantee energy efficiency.

In the past year, many Chinese plastics companies have been transformed by the market, and companies need to produce more value-added mid- to high-end products. This requires better injection molding machines and solutions,” explained Mr. Greif.

He added that, by 2020, the double-color injection molding machines produced by the Ningbo plant is estimated to account for about 10% of the total output of the plant.

With a 26,400 sqm of floor space, the new plant has expanded its capacity to 1,000 machines. The site mainly produces Systec C hydraulic injection molding machines with clamping forces from 500 to 13,000 kN for Chinese, ASEAN and overseas customers.                               

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