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Keywords of this article:  automotive 
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ISRA VISION’s SMASH combines high resolution cameras with innovative illumination.
ISRA VISION’s SMASH combines high resolution cameras with innovative illumination.

As modern inspection and measuring systems generate a lot of product data, they support the production on various levels. On the shop floor, the data can be used to control the quality of products and monitor the occurrence of defects. Meanwhile, the data also provide information for further production process optimization.

All-in-one inspection for optical films through illumination concept

The request to have slim and flexible designs for displays in electronic devices drives the demand for optical films. An inspection system using exclusive illumination technology now allows manufacturers to achieve and maintain a whole new level of accuracy in quality surveillance, thus reducing production costs and maximizing competitiveness.

For most inspection systems, it is not challenging to detect typical defects like gels, black specs and contaminations. But if optical film manufacturers aim to achieve a higher level of quality, they have to consider more aspects: small and/or poorly contrasted defects and scratches as well as inhomogeneities in the material. Even the most thorough manual quality control can miss defects and quite often low level camera based inspection will as well.

While automatic inspection offers high speed, it is not able to change the perspective of incident light like workers do during manual inspection, and so naturally cannot avoid missing certain defects. Manual inspection on the other hand is time consuming and cannot provide the accuracy of an automated system, due to the limitations of the human eye.

Now, the quality of optical films can be raised with an all-in-one system with an innovative illumination concept leveraging the SMART LINE LED light source that makes all defect types visible. The so called “pattern LED illumination”, patented by ISRA VISION, enables the detection of point defects, low contrasted scratches, inclusions and other defects, regardless of their position. Even scratches extending in the direction of web transportation mean no challenge.

The new approach simulates varying angles of light incidence through various illumination patterns, just like manual inspection, but with micro-accuracy and highest speed. This allows the detection of most defect types as well as monitoring optical material properties like coating thickness with one system set up.

Taking hard coating or prism film as an example, the system informs manufacturers about defects and inhomogenities in the coating layer, and how well the coating was applied. Coating thickness can reach down to micro- and nanometer range and still be monitored with most reliable results.

Furthermore, according to ISRA VISION, the system gathers specific data on haze and gloss, transparency and reflectivity. With its self-learning detection software, it is ready to automatically detect and classify relevant defects within shortest processing time.

In order to ensure highest product quality, ISRA VISION’s inspection system SMASH allows a variety of features to further optimize production process and quality level. Additional inspection and illumination channels, refinement of the inspection recipe even during operation and an intelligent use of the gathered inspection data are some examples.

The system allows to draw data from all deployed inspection systems and to store it in the same database or company network, providing full transparency of production processes. Immediate actions can be taken to prevent a loss of product quality.

With the system SMASH, only one system is needed for a large variety of inspection tasks, emphasizes ISRA VISION. By validating inspection parameters and creating individualized reports, the system supports the highest quality standards of production results and shows potential for process optimization.

Online quality control for production of automotive cables

Modern vehicles have become rolling computers that can be quite heavy due to their various comfort and safety systems. The additional weight often overrides the savings in fuel of the advanced engines or even leads to a higher consumption.

For a mid-range car alone, there is up to 40 kg accumulate for the electrical system. This weight is equivalent to approximately 8,000m cables. Therefore, automobile manufacturers aim at avoiding unnecessary weight.

Today, modern materials are used for lighter and more resilient cable looms. However, not only the choice of material offers savings potential. Another important factor is the sustainable use of these materials as well as a reliable quality control already during cable production.
The CENTERVIEW 8000 measures the diameter, ovality and eccentricity of automotive cables during production.
In this case, Sikora’s new CENTERVIEW 8000 is a reliable device to ensure the highest quality with minimum material consumption even for the smallest wires and cables.

The CENTERVIEW 8000 is a non-contact gauge head that provides continuous online 8-point eccentricity, 4-axes diameter and 8-point ovality measurement with the highest measuring accuracy. The individual measuring values are displayed numerical and graphical, and are the basis for a stable production process and an extensive quality management.

By controlling the line speed, the CENTERVIEW 8000 ensures the specific wall thickness. Impressively the system ensures quality of the cable that has to endure a temperature of far above 200°C as well as a continuous performance of approximately 1,500 Watt – at peak even reaching up to 3,000 Watt.

The CENTERVIEW 8000 contributes in addition to quality assurance for an optimized production process whilst reducing costs and weight at the same time.

Analysis and sorting of pellets and materials

Apart from the wires and cables, Sikora also has a wide range of systems for quality control, process optimization and cost savings in the pipe, hose and tube as well as plastics industries.

For online inspection and sorting of plastic materials, the company’s PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED system combines X-ray with optical technology and detects contamination inside plastic pellets as well as on their surface.

Perfection in detection provides the adaptive camera concept, where up to three optical cameras are used, depending on the expected contamination and application.

For example, an X-ray camera detects metallic contamination inside pellets, while optical cameras identify yellow discolorations as well as “black specks” inside transparent and opaque pellets, whereas color deviations are detected by color cameras. Contaminated pellets are sorted out automatically.

For sample testing or incoming goods inspection and analysis of plastic materials, the company provides the PURITY CONCEPT V. Placed on a tray, material samples are moved through the inspection area. Within seconds, the material is inspected automatically by a color camera and a projector marks the contaminated material directly on the sample tray.

Meanwhile, the CENTERWAVE 6000 demonstrates its capability in quality control during the extrusion of pipes. Millimeter wave technology precisely measures the diameter, ovality, wall thickness and the inner profile (sagging) of the product. A presetting of the product parameters is not required.

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