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Keywords of this article:  medical 
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To contact the supplier/company mentioned in this article, please email to:
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DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 by DowDuPont.
DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 by DowDuPont.

Additives and colorants play an important role to the aesthetics, performance and production efficiency of plastics. As such, major producers have been dedicated to develop advanced solutions for various applications, such as medical and packaging.

Adhesives enhance performance of skin- contact medical devices

To be gentle for higher comfort

DowDuPont Specialty Products Division has introduced its new DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 soft skin adhesive, the latest addition to its growing portfolio of solutions for skin-adhered medical devices.

Based on advanced silicone technology, this unique product delivers strong adhesion and extended wear, as well as design and production flexibility, while avoiding the skin irritation and discomfort more common with the removal of acrylic adhesives.

The product can be used with fabric backing and addresses the healthcare industry’s growing focus on biologic drugs that call for innovative delivery mechanisms such as patch pumps.

It also provides the strongest adhesion available from DowDuPont Specialty Products Division’s soft skin adhesive portfolio, making it suitable for wearable monitoring devices, medical tape and medical device attachments. Besides, it also delivers extended wear time up to more than one week.

Specially designed to be gentle, DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 is especially suitable for patients with delicate, compromised or sensitive skin and is specifically designed to minimize irritation, sensitizing and cytotoxicity.

Its high degree of penetration into the skin surface enhances conformability and patient experience. Further, unlike traditional acrylic adhesives, it does not cause discomfort during removal.

Furthermore, the new product allows devices to be repositioned several times. This allows the product to be used in wearable devices and gives patients the ability to easily reposition their device if needed for comfort.

Allow design flexibility and extended wear time

Also targeting medical devices, 3M has added the 3M Extended Wear Medical Transfer Adhesive 4075 to its lineup of advanced adhesives for medical devices.

Designed to laminate many substrates, the product features an extended wear pressure sensitive transfer adhesive. It offers excellent initial skin adhesion with up to a 14-day wear time, depending on the backing material used.

As introduced, the product provides greater design flexibility by allowing a wider selection of backings. In other words, offering design engineers more patient-friendly adhesive options that provide comfort and a strong, reliable bond.

3M Extended Wear Medical Transfer Adhesive 4075 meets requirements to use on intact skin. It has been tested to ISO:10993-5 and ISO:10993-10, which assess the in vitro cytotoxicity and a product’s potential to produce irritation and skin sensitization, respectively.

Breathable, absorbent and repositionable

Scapa Healthcare, a leading strategic outsource partner of skin friendly turn-key solutions, announced the availability of Scapa Soft-Pro Hydrocolloid Gen II, a proprietary breathable, absorbent and repositionable adhesive for ostomy and medical device fixation, advanced wound care and first aid applications.

Due to its acrylic chemistry, the adhesive is highly breathable, helping the device to stay on the skin for several days. The technology also offers high absorption properties which make it excellent for applications where the adhesive comes in contact with fluids.

The technology is suitable for users with sensitive skin as the formulation is made of non-animal derived ingredients, colophony and is latex-free.

The product can be removed and reapplied multiple times without losing adhesion properties, making it possible to be used on sensitive skin without causing further damage. Due to the adhesive coat weight, the technology can be used in challenging anatomical areas including skin folds, elbows, knees and ankles.

Novel masterbatch increases productivity of bottle makers

Sukano launched a masterbatch for injection stretch blow molded (ISBM) PET bottles, allowing bottle makers and brand owners to run their conveyor-belt systems and production robots at maximized speed without the need for a spray coating.

The new solution, believed to be the first commercially available for this application, is provided as a solid PET masterbatch that is blended with virgin PET or rPET material during molding or processing.

Even at low concentrations, the masterbatch disperses consistently through the PET material, reducing its coefficient of friction and modifying the surface texture with a microstructure.

It produces a silicone-like mobility aid effect in PET material, yet has been engineered to preserve material clarity with minimal impact on haze. It is well suited to clear, translucent, and colored bottles produced for personal care, household and cleaning, cosmetics, as well as food and beverage applications.

PET material containing the new masterbatch can be run on existing ISBM bottle production equipment without modification.

In addition, the consistency and even distribution of the masterbatch lead to improved performance. It preserves secondary processing steps that require adhesion, like labeling and printing. It also helps eliminate the cost and cleaning requirements associated with spray coatings, which leave a waxy residue on bottles and packaging equipment that must be removed through regular cleaning.

Besides, the masterbatch avoids the potential risk of microbiological contaminations of bottle surfaces by aqueous-based coatings, which may require additional additives or application in a clean-room environment.

PET recyclability is essential in an increasingly environmentally conscious world, and Sukano's innovative mobility aid makes no compromises in this area, as it is formulated according to the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) guidelines.

With the masterbatch, bottle makers and brand owners can improve productivity and maximize yields.

High gloss metallic effect colorants for packaging

Impress High Gloss Metallic Effect Colorants by PolyOne create a high gloss, metallic effect look with no flow lines for polymer packaging, in a limitless range of vibrant colors. They are developed for PET and are available in both liquid and solid formulations.
Impress High Gloss Metallic Effect Colorants are developed for packaging applications.
Creating high gloss, metallic effect involves varying the amount of colorants and the thickness of packaging walls, enabling infinite options for a variety of fantastic packaging looks.

According to PolyOne, the process is easy to implement with traditional packaging polymers using standard stretch blow molding machinery.

The colorants are formulated using an additive that adds a brilliant ultra-glossy appearance to packaging made with semi-crystalline polymers.

The additive creates tiny bubbles inside the semi-crystalline resins which, when stretched during blow molding, reflect light and shine for a high gloss, metallic appearance.

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