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    『Quality / Technology / Service』 Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co. Ltd.(GRECO) formed in 1955 and is the friendly manufacturing company in Taiwan built specifically to produce adhesives for the shoe industry. GRECO has been working hard to achieve a high standard in quality, technology, and services to our customers. GRECO is able to provide customers a full range of applications. There are many new products, such as TPU Resins, ETPU, LFRT(Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Matericals), water-based PU adhesive. Make GRECO a responsible corporate citizen that excels in quality, technology, environment management, safety, health and customer satisfaction. The GRECO way: team spirit, responsibility, innovation, making good things better, and always demanding more from themselves. We are working toward our aspiration of taking GRECO into the next century with a global sales network.

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