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    LK Group was founded by S.S. Liu, a renowned entrepreneur and young industrialist in Hong Kong, in 1979. The group focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of plastic injection molding machine, hot/cold chamber die casting machine and CNC machining centers, and it has 9 manufacturing plants in the world, covering more than 1 million sq. meters. Its sales and service network covers regions like China, Japan, India, Russia, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. With 41 years of growth, LK Group has become one of the top 5 plastic injection molding machine manufacturers in China, a world-famous die casting machine manufacturer, and the most innovative CNC machine center solution provider. LK plastic injection molding machines consist of hydraulic, direct press, hydraulic/electric hybrid, two platen, multi component and full electric types. The tonnage ranges from 5 tons to 7000 tons, and they have received the 1st grade of energy efficiency as certified by the Chinese government.

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    After two years of market research, LK Technology Group will launch an upgrade plan for the entire brand image of "LK Plastic Machines&...

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    • All-electric injection molding machine
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