Special Packaging Special update: DSM expands textured coating resin range…

Awareness of the need for more sustainable packaging has become increasingly acute in recent years. ...

News European association calls to unleash the potential of 3D printing

The European association for Additive Manufacturing calls upon policymakers to address issues that m...

Dow to expand hand sanitizer production at additional sites

Five Dow sites are expected to produce more than 200 metric tons of hand sanitizer, equivalent to mo...

European recycling markets reel from coronavirus

Concerns over the long-term impact of the coronavirus outbreak on key European recycling markets sha...

ENGEL suspends production in Austria amid Covid-19 pandemic

ENGEL AUSTRIA has recorded six confirmed coronavirus cases. The plastics processing machine manufact...

First new Penlon ventilators ready for dispatch in UK

The first batch of Penlon ventilators made by UK manufacturers responding to the Prime Minister’s c...

eBook Modular and individualization the emerging trends of dryers

Central drying system offers individualized hopper monitoring The latest Conair ResinWorks central...

High-performance medical elastomers vital for safety

The new VDI guideline releases Intended as a guideline for manufacturers and users of plastics fo...

Applications AIMPLAS collaborates on development of antibacterial film

The European FLEXPOL project has developed an innovative antibacterial plastic film using nanoencaps...

TopGreen copolyester film recognized for improved recyclability APR

Far Eastern New Century’s TopGreen heat shrinkable PET film for shrink sleeve labels has been ...

Products motan’s remote maintenance box for efficient raw materials handling

The motan’s compact remote maintenance box can be immensely useful in keeping a system running no m...

DSM expands textured coating resin range with highly functional sandy-feel resin

The new Skins Sandy resin will enable print and packaging manufacturers to add sand-like textures to...

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