Special Update: Lubrizol pledges US$2 million to aid global needs during COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread to more than 200 countries and territories over the world. The dem...

Video INEOS delivers new hand sanitiser to NHS hospitals across the UK

Up to a million bottles of INEOS new hand sanitiser have started being delivered to NHS hospitals ac...

News SABIC launches opaque sheets for anti-bacterial wall cladding

SABIC has launched a non-chlorinated and non-brominated opaque sheet, LEXAN CLINIWALL AC6200, which ...

Production of PLEXIGLAS sheets increased in the fight against Covid-19

Demand for PLEXIGLAS acrylic sheets has risen sharply in the past few weeks. They are currently bein...

Solvay supplies thermoplastic film to Boeing for producing COVID-19 face shields

Solvay is supplying high-performance, medical-grade transparent film to Boeing for its production of...

BASF's Ultramid Balance polyamide solution used on Mazda’s new models

Molten has used BASF’s Ultramid Balance to produce a new rear bumper stay, an automotive part desig...

eBook Game-changing chemical recycling projects scale up

Chemical recycling is taking a big step forward, as more chemical companies are heavily investing to...

Reinventing the wheel with material innovations

Aiming at higher performance in harsh environment Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has recent...

Applications KRAIBURG TPE rolls out THERMOLAST K series for kitchen appliances

KRAIBURG TPE offers the THERMOLAST K series for applications in kitchen appliances.

Products Conair introduces new portable multi-hopper system for central drying

Simple enough for the most basic applications or upgradable to a fully featured drying sol...

New HASCO slide unit range Z18140/… for flexible demolding

The new variable HASCO slide unit range Z18140/... sets innovative standards in the flexible demoldi...

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